Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lame-o lunch

Hi, guys. It's lunchtime on Tuesday. You know, the same time that I was supposed to be having a soiree with The Ram.

But I got an email from him late last nite saying that he had to postpone our lunch -- again -- due to work. (And this time, he didn't reschedule with me.)

Which is interesting, considering that I just mentioned in my last post how I had a weird feeling about this whole scenario anyhow. I must have ESP! (I definitely have PMS.)

Listen, I am the first person to understand when stuff needs to be rescheduled because of work. It happens to me all the time.

(It may surprise you to learn that my professional life is actually really quite good... you know... the exact opposite of my love life right now.)

That said, I am also smart enough to know that if you are even the slightest bit interested in someone, you usually make every effort to try to see them... especially after rescheduling once already.

Blogdad didn't raise no dummy.

This guy ain't interested.

End. Of. Story.

As they say on MTV... NEXT!!!!

(AAB sidenote: Speaking of cheesy MTV shows and blogdad... he once told me that he wanted us to go on that Parental Control show where the mom and dad each get to pick a date for their daughter/son. I told him that I was pretty sure I wasn't eligible since I am almost twice the age of most of the contestants.)


Unknown said...

The Ram doesn't even deserve face time on the blog. You're right.. if he was interested, he would MAKE time for lunch.

Don't worry... the next one will be better. Keep chugging through JDMFJCS June with a smile!

Anonymous said...

I am crushed.... I have been waiting for over two weeks to find out how your lunch went and he cancels. What a jerk....

I hope this weekends bachorlette party will provide for some great stories and some good future dates!! Keep your chin up babe!

raymond said...

you don't have to be on the show, you could just set up your own personal Parental Control!

Good Stride said...

Totally off subject but did anyone see that "The Greek" took his blog down? Guess it wasn't as exciting as posting on other peoples blogs.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

A Neske -- the weird thing is that I'm going to see this kid several more times over the summer because we have mutual friends. And when I do, I'm going to do what that little girl on the lunch box in the pic is doing. JK. Sorta.

Anon -- sorry to disappoint! (I was disappointed too... but I'm over it now!)

Raymond -- bite your tongue! Don't give blogdad any ideas.

Good Stride -- actually, there is a teensy heated debate going on re: that very topic on my last post. Check out the comments.

Piper said...

Ahh, Dude that sucks. I however, tend to hold out for people longer than I should... thus I would say don't put in the effort to make another meet up... but if he wrote back and suggested another try, would you still go for it?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Piper -- I would absolutely go for it if he initiated it. But after being blown off twice (after being the one to initially suggest getting together), I'm not making the plans any more. :)

Rena Barbara Jeana said...

I love it when I can come to final conclusions about certain situations especially ones that include the male population (i.e. like your situation here). Good job, more power to you.

MG said...

that sucks.

your handling of it is very impressive though.

Men can be dumb.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Rena & MG -- thanks, guys!

MG said...

no problem. i'd presume y'all will be downtown for this bachelorette party saturday? If so I'm half-hoping I run into you guys. I'll let you all pour drinks on me (should you chooose to waste them) for my previous obnoxious comments. It'll be therapeutic for all!

B said...

At least you're aware of it. It hurts my head to watch women go through the motions with men that just aren't into them.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

MG -- careful what you wish for! (But I would never waste a gin & tonic.)

Deutlich -- amen, girl. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Honestly ABA, I don't think the RAM even has a clue you could have possibly been in to him. Been friends with him awhile and I'm tellin' you...just doesn't get it sometimes. He's no jerk so that's what I'm thinking!

No matter - here's to Saturday! I'll look forward to reading the blog about the bach party on Monday seeing that I'm the bride and I'm guessing I won't remember what happens.

And sorry MG - no boys allowed - unless we're hooking them up with ABA.

MG said...

@ AAB-

I think it'd be funny. also, i have a good dry cleaner.

@Deutlich- that's what I'm saying, it's good as dudes we provide input into what "we" are thinking in these type of scenarios.

MG said...

OUCH! no, it's cool. i get it.

Oh one last thing AAB, next time you see the RAM, be really aloof, distant and a bit cold to him....if he's smart he won't get defensive and will know the score. if he gets defensive, he's a jerkoff so no worries either way.

Regardless, we HATE that and we hate that in the kind of way that may end up with you getting a legit chance to shoot him down or give him another chance. Obviously, the choice will be yours at that time...

d said...

Next is right.

I have to say, the double resked is never a good sign. It's sort of my signature move. :(

On to the next!

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award on my blog. :)

Narm said...

And the worst part is no free lunch!

Oh...am I the only fatty here.

How embarrassing.