Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet my new wingman

His name is Jorge. Jorge's original job was as the cake topper at the bachelorette party. But once the cake was served, the bride-to-be removed him from the cake, licked off the icing, handed him to me and told me that I'd be taking at least one guy home that nite.

And I'll tell you what... even though he was the only man who came home with me, this little guy proved very useful in starting conversations with many boys during Saturday nite's bachelorette festivities.

And what festivities they were.

The real party started around midnite when we left the Mercury Lounge and headed to the rooftop deck at The Velvet Dog. It was packed up there, the weather was awesome and everyone was feeling just tipsy enough to really get the party rolling.

The bride-to-be and many of her college friends were on a mission to find me a man.

And that's when we all saw him.

(Being 6'6", he was sorta hard to miss.)

So, with a few gin & tonics in my system and Jorge to back me up, I literally just walked right over and backed that thang up into the hottie. He was amenable (phew!), and we started chatting right away. Early on in our conversation, I learned that he had just moved to Cleveland last week from Chicago because he's starting his 3-year residency here.

And so was born McSizzle. (Even hotter than McSteamy or McDreamy.)

McSizzle and I chatted for quite a bit (at least, in tipsy/bar terms it was a while). But then I actually felt sorta bad ditching the party (even though everyone was watching the whole conversation from afar anyhow), so when I had to use the little girls' room I decided that I'd head straight back to the bachelorette group after I did. But as I did so, McSizzle grabbed my arm and pulled me over to talk to him again. Hmm... a definite sign of interest, no?

He was funny, cute, smart and outgoing. Tall, athletic build. Nice hands and teeth. Cool name. Told me I was the first Cleveland friend that he had made (he was there with other residents who were from out of town too), and suggested that he'd like to hang out again.

But as McSizzle and I talked, an honest-to-goodness So You Think You Can Dance-esque dance-off started, and our attention quickly turned to the craziness that ensued. I can honestly say I have never seen something like that in my life.

(And that's saying something, considering I have seen blogdad dirty dance with every single one of my friends.)

Let me try to paint the scene for you. Do you know the scene in the movie The Ten Commandements when Moses parts the Red Sea? Yeah, it was kinda like that, except in this scene, the "sea" was actually spilled beers and Jack & Cokes, and the "parting" was actually the formation of a giant dance circle, where various men entered trying to one-up the previous guy's moves in an effort to win the affections of our dear bachelorette.

There was the "jumping up and down" guy. (Actually, there were several.)

And the "pull my shirt over my head" guy.

Then "the worm" guy.

And "the breakdancer" guy.

Even McSizzle got in on the action at one point. (And, man. That boy could move.)

(Somewhere in there was also a 10-second boob flash from one of our party attendants. But I'm trying to erase that from my memory.)

So here's the problem... somewhere in the craziness of the 10-minute SYTYCD ridiculousness, I lost sight of McSizzle. Before I had a chance to pull the business card trick on him.


So now I'm left to wonder... should I "accidentally on purpose" hurt myself and head to the ER in the hopes of seeing him again... or just trust that Jorge has other plans in mind for me and see what's waiting in the second half of JDMFJCS June?


Piper said...

*Ahem* Flexes and cracks fingers, brushes dust off of shoulders. This is where knowing (and by knowing I mean having a follower of your blog) a med student may... MAY come in useful. Hospital system? Residency specialty? Name? The new batch of residents starts on July 1, so I assume if he just moved here he must be with that group... granted, it would be some heavy duty stalkering, but I could possibly find people to put you in touch with him. Or at least point you to a semi-useful email address.... if you want :)

slopmaster said...

wow, looks like you may be saved by piper.

the whole just backing into him is pretty ballsy, good job. If anyone ever did that to me, I would probably just ignore her thinking it was an accident or the person is just really drunk.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

ahhhh!!! im so mad you lost mcsizzle. does he know your full name?!?

blogmom said...

So, you got his name - helpful. Did you find out where he will be serving his residency?

The rooftop of the Velvet Dog may need to be revisited soon. . .AND make sure you bring Jorge along!

Christina K said...

HURT YOURSELF, STAT! I can take you to the ER, if you want. :)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Piper -- hmmm... interesting...

Slopmaster -- I am not afraid to back this thang up into anyone. It's the follow-thru that I lack, apparently. :)

Alexa -- no, he only knows my first name. :(

Blogmom -- I only got his FIRST name. Not exactly the best way to try to Google stalk someone.

Christina -- done. Please me an ATV right away... or, just push me down the escalator...

Anonymous said...

I saw Jorge while he was still on the cake. I would like to know why his "bathing suit" now looks like it has been rubbed away! Ha!!


Always a Bridesmaid said...

MAR -- ha ha ha. Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that. I had put a sticker of the bachelorette over Jorge's man junk at one point, and when it fell off the red paint came with it. There was no rubbing involved. (At least, not that I partook in.)

d said...

WOMAN! This goes to show that you just never know what will happen. Therefore, you have to seal the deal. Keep your eye on those hotties!

That said, hm. Do you know anyone in the medical field? Anyone that could make it easier to get his info through without it being too crazy?

This sucks. Maybe go there again soon. Being that he is new, he may hit up the same night spot.

MG said...

1. It's a small town and you're likely to see him again/there are ways to find know his name...facebook? (you could do it, it wouldnt be weird- just saying as a guy) Piper may have the connection too...or maybe he'll facebook you...

2. I can totally relate to your frustration re: this situation.

3. Not to go "off topic" and piss off your readers, i can totally relate to your frustration re: this whole blog, etc. after working with a married actress on a commercial this past week I totally wanted to date after spending like 16 hours together non-stop ...quite frustrating indeed.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

d -- I know. Dammit!

MG -- I should have clarified when I said he had a cool name that he has a cool FIRST name. I don't know his last name. Nor does he know mine. :(

MG said...


I dare you to Craiglist "missed connections" the incident.

Stax said...

OHHH! This sounds like a case for the queen of cyber stalking - me!! (is that something to which I want to admit?)
You will see this guy again - I just know it. And if you need help tracking, you know how to reach me :)

Anonymous said...

DUHHHHHHH! Last time I was aware, doesn't Blogdad sell in the medical arena? Who better to be your Wingman than Blogdad?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Stax -- I'm not sure if you or blogmom is better at cyberstalking... but I think Piper (first comment) may have trumped both of you... stay tuned...

Anon -- only prob is that blogdad is only in the ER when he sprains his ankle dirty dancing with my friends at weddings! ;)

Allison M. said...

I'll push you down a flight of stairs in a second.

Tube Top said... it just me or does Jorge look a little bit like your ex boyfriend! I mean, if some of the hair was missing on top,he was wearing some kswiss tennis shoes, there was a tattoo on the calf and it had a cigarette in his mouth, it would be a dead ringer! I am just sayin....

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Tube Top -- if you are suggesting that Jorge looks like The Murse... well... then... I probably never would have broken up with him! HA!

Anonymous said...

Allison M's comment made me laugh out loud at my computer screen! HA! Loved it!