Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby mama drama

Hi, guys! I had sooooo planned to write this post sooner.

It was gonna be about my drink cheating on Friday nite.

With a recap of my sister's baby shower on Sunday to boot.

But that all got thrown for a loop when my sissy (the same one we had a shower for the day before) got in a crazy bad car accident on Monday afternoon. The accident wasn't her fault, but she ended up getting hit by cars from two different directions, all the airbags in her car went off and the car was totaled.

But the baby (and soon-to-be new little man in my life) is okay. And so is she.

Phew. (And now that I know she's okay... would it have been soooooo much to ask for a cute doctor to be doing rounds while I was at the hospital? Geez.)

See? I wasn't lying with the title of this post.

So, I'll probably write more about the shower later. (Including the cake. Ahh-maaaa-zing.) But for now, I just wanted to remind all of you to be thankful every day for your sisters and girlfriends.

Because no matter whether you have a guy in your life (we all know where I fall on that spectrum right now), you will always have your sisters and friends.

And that's pretty good too. :)

Buuuuut before I go... I do have some other exciting news. (Drumroll, please.) Auntie AAB is going to be an auntie times two! That's right, folks. My other sissy is pregs too. Congrats, sis! I'm so happy for you!!! :)

So, to recap:

  • Sissy one is due in October.
  • Sissy two is due in February.
  • And sissy three (me) is due. For a date. Real soon.


sissy 2 said...


Joey said...

thanks from me too! and congrats to baby sister!

Anonymous said...

you guys are just too cute, it's sickening.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Sissies -- I'm looking forward to being the favorite aunt.

Anon -- we're only nice to each other in the blogosphere. ;)

blogmom said...

Anon - don't let AAB fool you - these three daughters of mine are best friends, and I am so proud to be their blogmom.

Thank God for Guardian Angels - they were working overtime on Monday. Heaven only knows how Julesercise and baby came out of this ok, and I am so thankful to everyone who helped at the accident scene - they were truly a godsend.

I can't wait to be bloggrandma x 2!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Blogmom -- you are so cute. :)

Allison M. said...

wow that is exciting and i'm sure you will spoil them rotten.

rachaelgking said...

Awww. Congrats to your newly prego sis, and thank GOODNESS your already prego sis is okay! I'll call my own and give her the biggest hug I can over the phone right now.