Sunday, May 31, 2009

A wedding love connection (with a twist)

Now before you get too excited thinking that there was some magic chemistry between me and Kevin Costner at the wedding... don't. There was no love connection to be had.

(Not even enough to elicit a teensy smooch.)

However, there was a love connection at the wedding this weekend. Actually, there were several. But they were all bromances involving blogdad.

Always a Bridesmaid wedding weekend love matches: 0

Blogdad wedding weekend love matches: 2.5 (the .5 was actually Kevin Costner, who appeared to try to win me over by purchasing several vodka tonics for blogdad... but even blogdad wasn't really all that interested in him)

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Regardless, we still all had a great time, despite the fact that the air conditioning in the hotel forgot how to work, leaving us to get ready in 80+-degree rooms.

A few highlights:

  • Blogdad dirty dancing with every single one of my friends (Every. Single. One.), including an incident where my friend Shannon lost her footing and fell to the ground, to which the DJ responded "White girl down!" over the microphone.

  • Me asking a few of the older wedding guests if they wanted to borrow my gladiator-style BCBG heels to break it down on the dance floor. Turns out, they were all nuns. (Seriously.)

  • Our friend Jen announcing her issues with IBS to the table over dinner, then asking me if I would write about it on the blog. (Guess this answers THAT question, huh, Jen?)

  • Our other friend explaining to all of us what a "blumpkin" is. Click on that link if you want to vomit.

  • Our friend Molly's husband dancing to "Eye of the Tiger," complete with scenes involving an imaginary jump rope and chicken. (Truth be told, our friend Mandi meant for this song to serve as the backdrop for a push-up contest between her and me, but I told her I wouldn't go through with it for fear of my Spanx showing while I was in the plank position.)

  • Ending the nite after a nightcap (or three) at the hotel bar, then heading to our room to munch on crackers in bed while sipping Kahlua.

So, sorry to disappoint, readers. I know there has been a real lack of fun dating stories lately. (And if you think that makes for boring reading... imagine having to LIVE this life!)

But, my lunch date (if you can call it that) with The Ram is this week, so maybe that will bring some excitement. And if that doesn't work out... maybe we can check back in later this week on how blogdad's bromances are going.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to get your friends to write a post like this: about you and put it on their blogs. It can be your June mission, but I can't come up with a good name for it. :) Still enjoying your blog.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

eyegirl -- wow, what a great story! And a great idea! Unfortunately, most of the people who know me best don't even have blogger accounts, let alone their own blogs. :(

PJ said...

rofl at blumpkin. thanx, spanx.

Susie said...

Just found your blog via your comment on another blog (I forget which one - I jump around a lot). Anyway, very funny. Looking forward to hearing about your lunch date this week.

Allison M. said...

a push up contest with spanx showing!!! ahhh!!!!!

rachaelgking said...

I had a feeling I knew what a blumpkin was... and I STILL clicked.

I need help.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

PJ -- you're welcome. Maybe it can be the baby's first word?

Susie -- welcome! Sad news: The Ram and I had to reschedule to NEXT week. Stay tuned for details...

Allison -- I needed sweats to throw on before I would attempt that contest!

LiLu -- ha ha ha. Were you right about the blumpkin? You pig. ;)

slopmaster said...

sometimes failure is better than gain. I enjoy the slight taste of bitterness in your posts :)

good luck with RAM of course. I <3 blogdad.

Anonymous said...

Who is Slopmaster? Is he trying to start a bromance?


Always a Bridesmaid said...

Slopmaster, meet blogdad.
Blogdad, meet slopmaster.

My work here is done. :)

Writing Our Own Rules said...

Sounds like a fun time... At least BlogDad made some new friends.. :)

I should NEVER have clicked the blumpkin lol... I knew I shouldn' warned me!

Loved this post you had me laughing :)

AND it reminded me I that I need to add spanx to my list of things to buy before our vacation... That is not something I want to be without!

Blessings, M

slopmaster said...

blogdad, no romance, just admiration.

Anonymous said...


admiration accepted