Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Men-morial Day typo

I just started to write a post about how I feel like I've been having writer's block lately, and I accidentally typed "writer's cock" instead. Ummm... yeah.

I will leave you with that little tidbit in anticipation of the upcoming long holiday weekend. Talk to you in a few days!

(And seriously... have fun this weekend. Be safe! Eat a lot! And get crackin' on that finders' fee while you're out celebrating and enjoying this gorge weather!)


Anonymous said...

A little Fruedian slip, eh AAB? Maybe you need some people to stop being a Writer's Block Cock

B said...

that is the best someecards ever

slopmaster said...

so what is the cure for writers block then?? :)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Anon -- I'm not even sure what a "writer's block cock" is, but I love it.

Deutlich -- I know, right? Thank goodness I had a post I could use it for. :)

Slopmaster -- hmmm... ;)