Monday, May 25, 2009

From pocket-sized to Kevin Costner

Know what I realized a long weekend brings to my dating life?

Just another possible day to meet guys who are soooooo not right for me.

I had fun plans all weekend and thought for sure that I would meet at least one guy who even just kinda sorta piqued my interest.

Ummm... not so much. (Though I did have a great time with my girlfriends, so at least it wasn't a total waste.)

A quick overview of the boys who entered my life this weekend:

  • Friday: The pocket-sized Indian guy who sent over two bottles of champagne to my friends and me when we were at Lola, then ended up joining us for about 20 minutes and picking up our entire $200+ desserts and drinks tab (hey, it's not so bad being out with a bunch of cute girls sometimes!!)

  • Saturday: The pocket-sized guy from Miami (Florida, not the university) who thought he was hot shit because he owned a couple of businesses and was only 26 (though I never would have guessed he was as successful as he claimed based on his polyester shirt)

  • Sunday: The pocket-sized too-tan guys from Medina who each had donkeys hanging out of their back pockets from their winnings at the rib cook-off (in other words... the donkeys should have been a tip-off to the two asses)

So, there were no potential Mr. May-bes in that bunch, ladies and gentlemen. (And a bunch of pocket-sized guys to boot.)

And, I realized when looking at my calendar for the week that my lunch with The Ram (the only guy I've even considered as a potential suitor in recent history) isn't until next week. Geez.

In happier news, I'm only working three days this week, then heading to Toledo for my very good friend Michele's wedding. Believe it or not, I'm not a bridesmaid this time around (though I am doing a reading at the ceremony).

And, apparently, the soon-to-be groom is conspiring to fix me up with his friend (who lives down in one of the Carolinas BTW... not a ton of potential there). But, I'm told he looks like Kevin Costner... which could be a good thing (think Field of Dreams) or a bad thing (think Waterworld).

If nothing else, at least I've got an open bar and lots of blackout & tonics heading my way this weekend... and, hopefully, a blog story or two.

Any of you have better luck meeting boys this weekend?


Allison M. said...

pocket-sized miami guy sounds funny

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

pocket size. hahahaha.

my weekend wasn't a meet up of meeting new boys it was a weekend of seeing ex-flings.

sunday night alone i was at a bar with three boys that i had slept with in attendance.


(sorry blogmom)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Allison -- if, by "funny," you mean loser-ish... then yes.

Alexa -- wow. Sounds like I had Sunday Funday and you had Sloppy Seconds Sunday. ;)

Chuck said...

that song by Gillette came to mind when I read this post.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Chuck - what song are you talking about?

Chuck said...

short short man