Friday, May 29, 2009

Back at it

Well, friends. It's official. Wedding season '09 is kicking off this weekend. My very dear friend Michele is gettin' hitched! (Let's hope the townies from her bachelorette party don't try to crash the wedding!)

I'm very much looking forward to being a straight-up wedding guest for the first time in what seems like eons. I mean, I have always been honored to be a bridesmaid and/or maid of honor in my sissies' and friends' weddings. But sometimes, it's actually kinda sorta fun to just be a guest too. Why?

  • I got to pick out my own dress. (It's a silk magenta halter dress... with pockets!)

  • I don't have to lug that damn wedding day survival kit around all day. (Though I am letting the maid of honor borrow the kit contents for her duties -- that crap is expensive to buy for just one day, and my kit is still pretty well stocked from the last time I used it!)

  • I don't have any responsibilities! (Other than doing a reading at the ceremony. And then later getting ridiculously drunk and dominating the dance floor with blogmom and blogdad. OK, so I do sort of have some responsibilities after all. But two out of three ain't bad.)

And, I'm also very interested to see what this whole Kevin Costner look-alike character is all about. I mean, it is Summer of Sin after all.

(Too bad blogdad is probs going to put the kibosh on anything involving boys. I'm effing 33 years old and still feel like a 14-year-old girl around him.)

Anyhow, talk to you after the wedding! And (early) congrats, Michele and Eric! :)

P.S. If you were me... where would you sneak off for a quick smooch with a cute boy (should you encounter one) where your blogparents would not be likely to find you? Ya know... just in case...


Anonymous said...

I can talk the ears off of blog mom and blog dad while you go make out. Plus, let's be honest, your dad will probs be too busy cutting a rug on the dance floor to notice.

love you blog mom & dad! Can't wait to see you this weekend!


Always a Bridesmaid said...

CHill - you could talk the ears off the napkins on the tables. ;) See you in a bit!

Piper said...

I'm going to suggest elevators--Grey's Anatomy style. Or upper/lower levels if it's like a country club kinda thing. Or parking lots ("I need to get something from my car, will you walk me there?")... behind trees ("What a nice night, let's take a walk!")... really the possibilities are endless. Have fun!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Yes. I would sneak. And you should, too!

What's the bridesmaid survival kit you peak of? I'm stepping into bridesmaid duties for only the second time in October and I am QUITE nervous. Hep me be helpful?

Anonymous said...

I love dresses with pockets! It's like an added bonus that makes me so amazingly happy about a dress.

And I vote for just getting blogmom and blogdad incredibly wasted early on so then you can smooch where you please and they won't remember it!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

All great ideas, ladies! I will let you know which (if any) I put to use.

Kate -- shoot me an email and I'll tell you all about the survival kit. (

d said...

My dress for the August wedding has pockets! God bless Jcrew!

slopmaster said...

sneaking off to kiss someone so your dad doesn't see you?? How OLD are you? :)

weddings are overrated for meeting people I think, although, now that I think about it, I had a crazy hook up once. you need a wing person... maybe your mom.

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader and loving your blog! I hope you have fun at the wedding.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

d -- I did not use the pockets NEARLY enough on Saturday. Boo!

slopmaster -- I sort of agree on the wedding scenario hook-up potential, but you never know!

eyegirl -- welcome!