Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valen-puke's Day

Is it really starting already? Do I really have to put up with 11 more days of friggin' "He went to Jared!" commercials?


Christmas alone? I can take it. You're surrounding by family and close friends, and there's always so much going on that you don't necessarily notice you're without a little jolly elf of your own. (Who you don't have to buy a present for when you're single, by the way.)

Solo bday? Not so bad. (At least, it wasn't so bad when I was younger and my friends and I would go out and get crazy. Nowadays things are a bit more tame. But I digress.) In reality, being single on your birthday isn't all that horrible. You still get cards, well wishes and gifts from the ones who really love you the most.

But being a lonely Valentine? Barf. It's the one day of the year that you are reminded (incessantly, I might add) of how ALONE you are. I don't need the jewelry commercials to remind me that ain't no one putting a diamond on my finger any time soon. I don't need the email notifications urging me to order a Vermont Teddy Bear for my sweetheart. And I certainly don't need all of the effing retail store signs reminding me at every turn that if I had a Valentine, I should be buying him something right that second.

In one of our early email exchanges, TMGB once referred to Valentine's Day as S.A.D. -- Singles Awareness Day. Sounds about right to me.

I am painfully aware. And single.


d said...

DUDE, that was the card I sent G last week about our Valentine's Day plans!! More to come on our plans on my blog shortly.

Unknown said...

Boo! I'm sorry! I remember one year on V-Day, my boyfriend had broken up with me the week before, so I was all depressed. I went out and bought myself a shirt that said "I love me" and a big box of chocolates. Then I told everyone that I was my own Valentine. Yeah, it was still depressing.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

d - can't wait to hear the plans. Perhaps we should try to replicate the nite and we'll see how the east coast vs. west coast version of it pans out!

Tova - lucky for me, this is not my first solo Valentine's Day. However, being on a Saturday this year just makes it doubly as sucky. On a bright note, any guy who's out alone that nite is obviously mine for the taking, right?

JB said...

I just started following your blog due to the suggestion of a mutual friend, and I am shocked that you don’t get paid to provide such entertainment. Your stories are priceless.

There is nothing worse than hearing “HE WENT TO JARED” around V-day. Unless, of course, you’ve dated a guy named Jared. Every commercial.. every promotional email, I am just reminded of the misguided decisions of my past. The mass “what are you up too” (yes, he spelled it wrong every time!) texts on a Friday night, waiting for someone to bite, or inviting me over to do something and then leaving the city. How'd I ever let that gem get away??

I feel your alone-on-valentines-day pain. However, for the first time in years I have a date. I have a guy flying in to Cleveland to spend the weekend with me. Sounds romantic, right? Maybe until I find out that he’s really a raging alcoholic, hangs battered baby dolls from trees or has 3 felonies (www.criminalsearches.com - use it!). My Facebook status still says single. It must be true… and for good reason.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

honestly valentine's day doesn't bother me being single. it's new years eve that really gets to me.

ugh. double ugh.

Simply Married said...

Even if you are coupled up on Valentine's Day it can blow! Before I met JG, if I happened to be dating someone on Valentine's Day it was always the Yay-hoos that would grumble that Valentine's Day was a "Hallmark holiday" and it was such a sham. Isn't that romantic???

Anonymous said...

Ha! Right after my break-up, I called an Ex with whom I am still friends. I told him in no uncertain terms, he would be driving to Cleveland on Valentine's to take me out. LOL

He probably won't, but it was still hilarious for me. And it THAT doesn't work, I'm going drinking with my single guy friends that could give two sh*ts about the holiday too. :)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

JB - from your lips (err.. fingers) to God's ears! I wish I could make some cash off this baby.

Alexa - I actually realized after I posted that I should have included NYE. Because that sucks too.

Simply Married - agree. The Murse was the worst at Val.

Mel - sounds fun! You might have a tag-along that nite! (ME!)

MissMeliss said...

I came across this quote and I think it funny enoughto share(that and I share it's sentiments exactly!)

"He went to Tiffany's, fuck you Jared."

Anonymous said...

I just view Valentine's as a great excuse to wear my second favorite color - red, eat loads of chocolates and get away with it, and be thankfully I do not have to spend any amount of $$$ on someone who may or may not reciprocate in kind. So, hurrah for being single on Valentine's! And ps. those guys in the Jared commercials are complete tools! Give me the guy in the DeBeers commercial instead!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

MissMeliss - OMG, I love that quote! So funny.

Stacy - who are you kidding? You don't need a special day to wear red and/or eat chocolate! ;)

Allison M. said...

If I ever get jewelry in a ballerina box, I will....

A)never admit it
B)break up with bc I said put it in a Louis not a ballerina box from my childhood.

Dr Zibbs said...

I can't stand those Jared commercials!!