Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today is totally S.A.D.

Singles Awareness Day, that is!

OK, ok. So it's also Valentine's Day. And, really, I'm not all that upset about it. (My attitude has changed significantly in the past week. No use being crabville, right?)

I have fun plans for tonite with three other girlfriends (we added to the party since I last wrote). And I already received sweet cards and treats from some friends and family. (Including a gift for "Aunt Juicy" (me) from my friends' kids, complete with Malley's gummi bears -- my FAVE!.)

So I know I'm loved.

Even if I'm single.

And it's actually sort of nice to not be stressing about what to wear, what the plans are, and whether he'll like my gift (though I hardly ever worried about the gift part... that's one of my best GF traits, if I do say so myself).

In fact, going out with a group of girls meant I didn't have to make ANY plans. For once. (We girls are good like that, no?)

On the agenda for tonite? Cocktails and dinner at Light Bistro. After-dinner drinks at Bier Markt. Lots of chatting with boys (who are most likely single if they are out on Valentine's Day). And hopefully a blog story or two. :)

Happy Heart Day!

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