Monday, February 2, 2009

Man Monday (courtesy of The Murse... even tho he doesn't know it)

[Imagine a witty Man Monday post from TMGB here. Because it's 5pm on Monday and I still don't have one. Just like a man to not make good on a timeline. Though at least he's not about five years late like The Murse was.]

Speaking of The Murse... as you may recall, he and I dated for six years and broke up about three years ago. Since then, we have seen each other a couple of times (most recently at a wedding over the summer, where we chatted for a few minutes during a gin-fueled conversation that I can not recall). Each year, we also send the obligatory birthday email greetings to each other.

This year was no different.

January 29th

Always a Bridesmaid,

I wanted to wish you happy birthday - I hope things are going well at work, home and with the family.

The Murse

While I appreciate the gesture... why even bother? I mean, at least prior years' messages had a little something more to them. The most I got out of this one was that he knew what the date was.

Am I just being mean? I know that it's very nice that he even thought to wish me a happy birthday. It just seems a little... well... forced.

And this is TOTES not my style (e.g., last year I cracked on him for being officially closer to 40 than 30... you know, a little humor to an otherwise completely awkward email). So do I reply (in May) with a just-as-lame email to him, or should I just let these silly birthday greetings fade away? Or should I just be myself and send a sarcastic bday greeting? Something like this:

I'm torn. (And also a little creeped out by how much this card looks like The Murse.)


Anonymous said...

I would keep it in your inbox and then reply to that email on his birthday with the same response.

Medicated and Motivated said...

I like the card about ignoring each other's birthdays, but I like T-n-T's idea too!

Christina K said...

Please, please, please send the e-card (and copy me)!

Anonymous said...

Sort of a lame e-mail, though I think it was nice he even sent anything at all. It's the thought that counts I guess

Anonymous said...

It just seems like one of those "back burner" type things people do to keep their options open. You know the send a flair out every few months to make sure the person is still there so you know the option is still there. I would ignore and just let the poor dead horse be done being beat...that is, if you have no interest in this guy anymore. Just my vote, as some chick you don't even know. LOL

slopmaster said...

I like the funny card. Or an almost naked picture. That will stir the pot a bit.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

TnT - that would be hilar, but that lame-o email is so not my speed.

M&M - I friggin' love that someecards site.

Christina - I am SERIOUSLY thinking about it. (Sending the card. Not copying you.)

Chuck - you WOULD side with the guy.

GirlyGirl - NO. CHANCE. IN. HELL. would we ever get back together. He had enough time to figure out if he wanted to be with me. Too bad, so sad now.

Slopmaster - I don't even want to look at myself almost naked after the holiday gorgefest. I'm fairly certain no one else would.

Allison M. said...

Send the e-card. You have too. If you don't, I'll do it for you.

P.S. I'm not into the whole "staying-in-touch-thing" with any exs. We had fun, it ended, you lose and I win.

rachaelgking said...

Option 2, definitely. Someecards always knows just what to say.

So@24 said...

6 years. I feel you, buddy.

Simply Married said...

I LOVE THAT CARD! Please send that...