Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love via DNA

No, not that kind of Monica-Lewinsky-blue-dress DNA, you pervs.

I mean, for realz DNA. The kind that makes you... well... YOU.

I just read about some new dating sites that take swabs of your DNA to match you to other singles in their database in the hope of finding your scientific best match.

It all sounds so romantic, doesn't it? (Seriously. Go take a gander at that article.)

Eeeew. No, thanks.

I'd rather skip over that genes approach and go more for the traditional "jeans" one. (You know. The "how does his tush look in jeans?" test.)

What do you think? Would you use a little white cotton swab in the hopes it'd lead to a big white silk dress?


Anonymous said...

So what if you're perfect "Mr. Right" isn't in their database... do they just hook you up with the next best option, lol!? Wierd.

blogmom said...

This reminds me of the Tina Turner song, "What's Love Got To Do With It," and in the case of this new dating site, absolutely nothing.

Ams said...

I am amazed. I wonder how they figured out this MAGIC formula ;)

Maxie said...

I'd do it. I'll do anything that doesn't require effort.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Mrs. Muffins -- so true!

blogmom -- of course you busted out a Tina Turner reference.

Ams -- frightening!

Maxie -- but it DOES require $2K!

MG said...

I suppose that pheromonal/chemical connection was the last thing a website didn't have going for it compared to in person so sure, sounds cool.

I can appreciate the DCM

Allison M. said...

I just laughed out loud thinking of checking my DNA with my BF.

Your mom is so damn cute!

MG said...

come to think of it, what would be better would be to like exchange lightly worn clothing like a shirt and have you smell it and have your brain waves recorded and certain chemical levels checked before, during, and after and vice-versa (though that could be complicated)...i saw it on the Discovery Channel once...it's like a zero fail when there's a match.

this stuff's all chemicals

Poly said...

Heck no! It's like someone who looks good on paper and then, you meet him and well...the in-person version just isn't waht you expected...at all. Use your own good-guy radar - that's the best test.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

I think that's a negative caption! lol I would be afraid of the freak they matched me up with. (well if i was single...lol)

Anywho - i left you some love on my blog. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Your match on a DNA/pheremone level is a person with whom you are (biologically) meant to mate and reproduce, not necessarily someone you are compatible with in a modern life-partner sense. I once had a relationship in which the guy's scent drove me insane and we were amazing in bed, but it fell apart because we were incompatible on everything practical: life goals, career ambitions, financial responsibility. I doubt a DNA matching service can compare those traits.


Cleveland Entertainment Reporter said...

I just found your blog and this was the first post I saw! Haha, I couldn't stop reading after! That is so disturbing. I think I'll stick to the "old fashioned" dating game as well.
I added you to my blog roll too. Check it out at http://icarabout.com