Friday, January 29, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Holy crap, readers! In the short span of a month, I have gone from writing a letter to St. Nick asking him to bring me a guy to having many potential suitors pop up.

(That's what she said.)

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not dumb enough to believe that these guys are all the perfect future Mr. Always a Bridesmaid. In fact, they're all at varying levels of discussions and/or interest. But here's a sampling of who's been blowing up my little old blackberry over the past few weeks:
  • The Hottest Guy Ever (HGE) has resurfaced (after weeks of being MIA). Of course, via text. We're maybe supposed to have drinks next week, though I've heard that one before with that guy.
  • Blogdad gave my number to some guy he sees in the field a lot. I know this is foolish, but this kid's name makes me giggle every time I hear/read it. I, apparently, have the maturity level of a 5th grader sometimes. But, this guy sounds like he could be a good match -- at least, on paper.
  • A blog reader emailed me to fix me up with a friend of hers. (Confession: I decided to meet the reader in person to a.) make sure she wasn't a loony toon and b.) make the potential fix-up less creepy if I did like/trust her. A bonus? Even if this thing doesn't work with her friend, I actually very much like her!!) So I've actually talked to this boy (an actual conversation -- not just stupid teenage texting!) and have plans to get together with him soon. And since we've actually chatted, I think he sounds pretty good both on paper and in person! Definitely at the top of my list right now.
  • Blogaunt had conspired with a neighbor of hers -- over the SUMMER -- to attempt to fix me up with the neighbor's nephew. It was so long ago, in fact, that both blogaunt and I had forgotten she'd done that until this guy randomly emailed me this week. I've heard of the "3-day rule," but never the "5-month rule" of waiting to call. Random!
  • While out to dinner with a friend last week, we both developed crushes on our waiter. Lucky for me, she is married, so I got dibs. We joked (slashed flirted with) with him all nite, and while I was in the ladies' room, the waiter apparently asked my friend about me. They agreed that he should slip his phone number in with the bill when he brought it to the table. Which he did. So I called, and now we're playing phone tag (both voicemail and text). This one is really sort of a stretch for me (he seems both young and pretty immature), but he is sooooo cute that I might have to look past that.
  • Several months ago, I met a guy who is mutual friends with one of my girlies. He asked her for my number, and we've chatted/emailed/texted occasionally since. And juuuuust when I think he's fallen off the face of the earth, I get a simple random, "Hi, Always a Bridesmaid!" text.
I mention all of this because, in the past two days, I have heard from EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of these guys. (After going literally months with nothing.) Which is all random and crazy and fun and overwhelming at once.

But my philosophy is this: Dating is a numbers game. And you've gotta hang with a lot of frogs before you find your price. But it only takes one to be... well... the one. So, I'm not going to immediately rule out any of these guys (though some are certainly early faves). But I'm also not going to write a lot about them until I have a better sense of where things are (or aren't) progressing with them.

(Just a weird karma thing I'm feeling, peeps. Don't judge!)

Wish me luck, and please bear with the potential lack of updates as I sort through all of this beefcake!


Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Wow, you go girl!! I'm so excited for you! Have fun, and enjoy this! You totally deserve it! :)

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Beef cakes seem to do that sorta random popping up. You go for months in a drought & then all of a sudden your phone is blowing up like crazy. lol It's like the universe has aligned & the male brain all thinks alike! ha!

Good luck & can't wait to read all about it! ;)

Ams said...

Holy Moley! That's awesome :)
This is a GOOD thing!! woohoo!
Can't wait to hear all about it.
Happy Weekend my friend!

Suzanne said...

6 potential boys? All contacting you? So totally do you do it?

Allison M. said...

you know, this sounds like it will be an interesting month

Jackson said...

good luck *crosses fingers for you*

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when a guy does that with women he's a douchebag, but it's cool for a woman?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Amy -- thanks! :)

Lilly -- I love that you used the phrase "beef cakes." LOL.

Ams -- :D

Suzanne -- I'm just putting myself out there more, I guess. Dunno, really. :)

Allison -- speaking of, we need to name this month's dating adventures!

Little Miss -- thnx, sugar!

Anon -- I don't think it's necessarily douchebaggy to have several options and pursue them to see what could come of them. That said, I'm also not the kind of girl who can (successfully) date more than one guy at once. So once I pick one of these guys (or some other guy), he's gonna be stuck with all of me. In my experience, it's the guys who try to seriously date multiple women at once who get the "douchebag" rep.

tem said...

thanks for a gr8 blog..
as a single girl myself, i also have found that when it rains it pours!

AS said...

"you've gotta hang with a lot of frogs before you find your price."

Freudian slip?