Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet dreams are made of this...

... who am I to disagree?

(Sorry if you have that song stuck in your head now.)

I have now had dreams for three nights in a row about being married and/or getting married.

In the first two, there was a specific husband involved. The same guy. A guy who I used to hang out with, but who I never technically called my boyfriend.

Three nites ago, I dreamt I was at my house (which isn't the condo I live in now, that's for sure -- let's HOPE I live in a house that nice someday). But I digress. I was in my house watching TV with blogmom because my husband (the guy I never technically called my BF) was some TV star and we were watching him on his big primetime show debut.

Two nites ago, I dreamt I was at my house (again, a giant house, though I'm not sure if it was the one from the nite) with my husband (again, same said former flame). I won't go into too much detail on this one (hey, blogdad is reading!), but suffice to say a phone call came and distracted us at a very inopportune time.

(BTW, the "phone call" was really my alarm going off.)

Last nite, I dreamt I was getting married. I was in the back of church with blogdad getting ready to walk down the aisle. (Sidenote: I was happy to see that in my dream, I had lost about 10-15 pounds for my big day.) This time, there was no groom to be seen, so I really don't know who I was marrying. But at least I looked hot! :)

Anyhow, what do you suppose all this dreaming of husbands and weddings means? Inquiring (sleeping) minds want to know.

P.S. I still talk to and am friends with my dream husband (wow -- that sounds weird) IRL.


Anonymous said...

All right, suck it up and CALL him. Maybe it is your subconcious or your deceased grandparents or your guardian angel giving you a sign! Maybe he is dreaming about you too! Blogmom and I were really friends, laughing and hanging out before she convinced me that we needed to take the next step. Stranger things have happened.


PS Was I thinner too?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Blogdad -- so you're saying that blogmom chased YOU?!?! Interesting. And, anyway... I already have plans to see him soon. So I'm on it. :)

Poly said...

Dreaming about marriage is a good thing! According to my sources, a dream about marriage means you are feeling balanced and in control of your emotions. So, I say, three nights in a row means triple strength. You rock. My source can be confirmed at smartgirl.com. Sleep on.

Anonymous said...

How hard would it be to believe that Blogmom chased ME? I think we really chased each other. She was just ready to get to the finish line (get your mind out of the gutter--- I mean commitment) sooner than I was.


Jackson said...

i have my fingers crossed for this dream to become reality...but only if he proves good enough for you this time, of course!

ps. i got engaged at christmas, is there any way i can get the list of items in that nifty bag of yours for my wedding day?

Kelly said...

Here is what dreaming about marriage to an ex means according to my dream book (yes, I have a dream book):

To dream that you are getting married to your ex, suggests that you have accepted aspects of that relationship and learned from those past mistakes. Alternatively, it means that a current relationship shares some commonality with your previous relationship with your ex. However, you will not make those same mistakes.