Saturday, January 16, 2010

A few dating rules

Dear Boys,

Hi, how are you? Judging by some recent interactions I've had with you lately, I'd say you might need a refresher on basic dating etiquette. Some suggestions:

  • Don't ask me if I want to grab a bite to eat since you're going to be near my office, then email to say it turns out you won't be able to make it. (And please don't do it only a couple of hours beforehand. And don't offer at all if you don't really mean it.)
  • Don't do the scenario above on several occasions. (But at least those past disappointments prepped me for this latest one.)
  • Don't only text me when you're drunk. (Though I do appreciate the fact that you don't use queer teenager texting shorthand.)
  • Don't worry more about whether your leather shoes are getting ruined by the snow than whether I'm about to bite it in the Cleveland wintry sludge.
  • Don't just keep saying, "Hope to see you soon." If you want to see me, why wouldn't you ask? (For the record, readers, I totes would have asked this guy to meet up if I were interested in seeing him. Don't worry. I'm not waiting around for boys to ask me out if I see some potential there.)

So, as you can probably guess, Manuary is off to a less-than-stellar start. But, it's only about half over. So I guess it can only get better from here!

Have you had any disappointing boy interactions lately? Please tell me I'm not alone! :)


NoBridget said...

You are not alone! I have had 2 do a disappear, reappear only to disappear again act. If I wanted to date a magician, I'd hang out at the circus!
Theory: Starting a relationship too close to that holiday in February is too intimidating?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

NoBridget -- ha ha! I just literally laughed out loud re: your magician comment. Hysterical! :)

Lincoln said...

Is this why I'm persistently dateless? Am I too courteous...I'm beginning to think you get traction being a rude, self centered, magician, a-hole. I'd rather not believe that's true, but...

Piper said...

To married men: Just. Don't.
To practically married men: Get your hands off my butt.
To men on If your picture looks like you could be mistaken for a serial killer, please consider re-designing your profile/NEVER emailing me again. Also, if you are "currently separated" get the hell off of match until it's official. (Don't even get me started on my rants/raves about people on match)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Lincoln -- I don't think we are advocating being a douche! Quite the contrary, in fact. But it IS nice when guys are confident and make the first move. (Not that they HAVE to... but perfect world, they would!)

Piper -- ha! Love it!

Allison M. said...

I'm all about Manuary. Maybe because it is the month of my birth, but I'm feeling something major could happen.

Now, I'm not saying anything good or bad, but something could happen.

MG said...

I'll tell ya this weekend I either:

1. blew it with a girl I was digging from our first meeting/hanging out

2. it wasn't meant to be

3. without knowing what she woulda been like after a few months i dodged a bullet

4. SHE blew it by not taking me up on my movie invite and I'm only like blaming myself cuz I'm not one of these diluted guys who can so easily just say "oh well she's dumb then"*/am pragmatic enough to realize that if you didn't "get her" you didn't and she knew there was an option, ergo you must have blown it because if she had the option and was aware of it and didn't go for it, she must have not been all that impressed/something in your presentation.

*you can only truthfully conclude that if she makes herself available and you're not into it, otherwise the sour grapes factor is too likely to be objective.

There are a lot of potential factors in the equation, but right now I'm really kind of thinking since I can't do anything other than change option 1, I need to blame myself and analyze that.


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i need to know who this man is that keep being jerky with the lunch "dates"

ok, now if you'll excuse me i'm going to continue looking for a jumpback ball dress on the internet