Sunday, December 20, 2009

Working on my letter to St. Nick

Well, apparently jolly old St. Nicholas isn't happy with telepathic requests. Guess he actually wants me to write an honest-to-goodness letter to Santa before he brings me my Prince Charming.

So, no bullshitting. I'm totes writing a letter to St. Nick this year and tucking it away in a safe place. Then I'm gonna pull it out next Christmas to see if he brought me something (or someone) that matches what's on my list.

Help me get started. What should I make sure I don't forget? I only have a few days to get this right...


Piper said...

Someone that will stick with you through the thick and thin, make you laugh, and make you be (or at least want to be) a better person. And someone you can trust. Those are my basic requirements.

Hope next year finds us both less single :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Blogdad gets to put his 2 cents in (Not that I ever held back)
1. Fun loving
2. Kind
3. Generous
4. Has a sense of urgency
5. Puts AAB before self and friends
6. Dependable
7. Respectful
8. Family oriented
9. Trustowrthy
10. Confident

NOTE: Missing is Italian and Catholic. Those would be nice, but not deal breakers

Bottom line, someone who can help you be a better you, although I love you the way you are.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should ask for a magician??

:) chill

Allison M. said...

i love blogdad!

Anonymous said...

Just ask Blogmom what she was looking for when she found Blogdad -- he's awesome!

Berg said...

Someone who enjoys taking care of you when you're sick

Jackson said...

Blogdad is the cutest!

MG said...

How about,

Tall, blonde, dark, and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean?

God bless mother nature, she's a single woman too....

Anonymous said...

Someone that makes you feel like every night is a fun slumber party (after you are married of course)! :)

Love - MAR

Anonymous said...


Why the hell would she want someone 'mean'?


Anonymous said...

How about someone whose mere presence makes you feel so wonderful that you don't even bother comparing him to your (or Blogdad's) list? A tall order to be sure, but I have faith in St Nick and in you.

Merry Christmas!


MG said...


I dunno, ask the Weather Girls...

rachaelgking said...

Someone who always makes you laugh, and would never intentionally make you cry.