Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I TOLD you I'm not making this stuff up

My last post was about how small Cleveland is. And that it feels like it's only two or three degrees of separation between me and every eligible guy in the city.

That theory was proven again this week.

I was facilitating a meeting for a client. It was a session that included 10 employees out of the thousands employed by the company.

Of those thousands that were whittled down to 10, there was one guy scheduled to be in the meeting. I saw his name on the attendee list prior to the session and remarked to my colleague that I had gone on a date with a guy with that name years ago, and how random it would be if it were the same guy. But then I pointed out that the name was common enough that it probably wasn't the same guy.

The meeting started, and there was no guy to be seen. Phew. In the clear. But about five minutes later, the door opened and a very apologetic guy walked in late.

A very apologetic guy who I had gone on a date with.

Seriously. FML.

Do you believe me now about this whole six degrees of separation thing? What are the chances that the one guy -- out of the thousands who work there -- would be someone I had gone on a date with?

I really think I may need to move.


Narm said...

Did he remember you?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

I don't know. I was actually the note-taker for this particular meeting (my colleague was running it), so I was sort of buried in my notes the whole time. But my friend from work said that he was looking at me like he knew me. He left a few minutes early too, so I can't be sure. Regardless, totes ridic.

Anonymous said...

I am making a call and giving the new referral your cell. Is that okay?

BD, BG or Blogdad

PS Met another prospect in the field this week.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

BD/BG/Blogdad - yes, that is fine. Just please call or text with some info about this guy (his name, at least) so I don't sound like a complete a-hole if/when he calls. :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I always felt that way about DC too. I saw the same people all over the place. What's weird is that I'm back living in my hometown and I never see anyone I used to know.

Anonymous said...


Okay folks, she is ready and serious. I reached out to AAB and she did not resist a fix up. What are you doing??? Now is the time to introduce this vivacious, talented , beautiful woman (So I may be partial) to a friend or acquaintance of your own and the worst thing that will happen is that you will be part of their "happily ever after"

Let's forget about naming months and 6 degrees of this or that. Why not respond to AAB and find out exactly what she is looking for in a potential suitor. Someone asked her recently 'what is your type'. So AAB, why not review what you ARE looking for and then let's get this process relaunched!

I am asking your followers not to question themselves. Let AAB decide if this guy or that guy would be right. It could be your chiropracter, your accountant, the guy fixing your plumbing or your brother or your cousin. He could be the guy that your husband or significant other golfs with.

Let's fill up her mail box with suggestions. I am asking each of you regular followers to find at least one potential suitor in the next 30 days. I know you can do it! If you follow AAB's blog, I know that you are connected and have somebody that you keep saying 'maybe him'. You may have met someone since you started following this blog. Bring it on! What a great way to help AAB brighten the holidays! Besides, her family really knows how to throw a great wedding. I will also sweeten the pot. In addition to the "finder's fee" from AAB, you will be invited to sit at the table with Blogmom and me at the wedding.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Anonymous said...

Tres bizarre!! And I think it is so funny that you go on dates set up by your parents. I would not be so brave. Of course my dad works with contractors so it would be nothing but an endless string of Skoal rings and Bubba Gumps!

MG said...

Oh I totally believe you. I was just in LA for about a week on business and then fun and in discussing this experience plus my former life in other cities like before returning here with some guy friends of mine I've come to conclude I'm not "purposely" not talking to/asking out/and thus not going out on these dates around here for EXACTLY that reason- that it's a super small city and everyone knows everyone and you're liable to run into people.

So, in being that guys will ask you out as a woman but I need to be the one starting conversations, asking the ladies out, I'm holding back and not making moves quite often out of a near-paranoia of what happens when it likely doesn't work out, then we run into each other, it's totally possible my mom knows hers (seriously, it's happened), etc. etc.

rachaelgking said...

Hmmm. Couldn't we start up some Man-Swap Program? Like, send 100 DC'ers to Cleveland, and vice versa, just to keep things fresh?

hermosamusica said...

So was he hot? AND...what happened to match.com? just wondering...

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Your dad is cracking me up! Can i send you some guys from NYC?

Allison M. said...

Your dad meets a lot of guys in the field for you. Go Blogdad!

Poly said...

OMG! That just happened to me. I went to a client meeting recently and I heard someone behind me say my name in a melodic tone...."Hey Poly." Then, I turned around and looked at this guy and he looked familiar and then I realized, he was VERY familiar... or at least parts of him were familiar. (his eyes!!) Wow, this city is way too small.

And, I like Blogdad's idea and I really want a seat at the table with blogmom and dad. So, I do know a fun guy but I'm not sure if he meets your criteria. He's new to the city and loves it here. And, he runs a non profit, and...he likes yoga.