Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy anniversary to me!

(Oh, and to Molly and Drew too.)

See, today is the one year anniversary of the last time I was a bridesmaid. And I can not believe how much things have changed in the past year.

Welcome to what I like to call my own personal baby boom.

  • Molly and Drew got married a year ago today and are expecting a baby in January.
  • Sissy #1 got pregs and had a baby in October. (My sweet little nugget nephew.)
  • Sissy #2 got pregs and is due in February. (My soon-to-be sweet little nugget niece.)
  • Simply Married got pregs and had a baby about a week ago. (Can't wait to meet you, Aubrey!)
  • And my cousin got pregs and is due in January. (Another little lady to add to the fam.)
I suppose I should have expected this. I mean, after you're a bridesmaid a zillion times, it only stands to reason that the next stage of your life will be going to a zillion baby showers.

But geez. How did I go from buying candy nipple tassels to buying breast pumps?


Respectfully Yours said...

You poor thing. Your going to go broke paying for all these showers and events. You sound like a wonderful friend.

Anonymous said...

Awh...thanks girl! And what a beautiful bridesmaid you were! Chewie is very excited to meet you too! He/she told me last night!! :)

Glad we both were able to celebrate something yesterday!