Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's all their fault

Of course, I'm talking about blogmom and blogdad.

And what's their fault, you ask? The fact that you're stuck with me.

Because 37 years ago today, they got hitched!! (And then they popped out three beautiful daughters. Even though I consistently remind them that they should have stopped after me.)

Anyhow, happy anniversary, guys! Love you!

I can only hope to make my children as sick as you two make sissies and me. (And you know I mean that in the nicest way possible, right? Because you're so effing cute.) Here's hoping it doesn't take another 37 years of you being married for me to find MY perfect partner!

(Because, really, I'd be 70 by that point. And I'm pretty sure blogdad would have to walk me down the aisle in a wheelchair by that point.)


Anonymous said...

Whenever it is, I WILL be there to escort you down the aisle. Besides, at that age, can you imagine my inappropriate actions or what I might say?

Thanks for the wishes,

PS Gotta go. Blogmom is waiting for me (wink, wink)

blogmom said...

Thanks, AAB. Had a great day with blogdad, followed by a delicious dinner at Lago. The bottle of wine was pretty delicious, also:)

37 fun years & the most awesome family ever - it doesn't get any better than this.

love you!

Anonymous said...

Awh...Happy Anniversary Blogmom & Blogdad - you guys are the best!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary blogmom & blogdad!!! I can only wish my marriage is as wonderful as your after 37 years. Congrats!!


ps....i can't WAIT for the inappropriate actions at ABB's wedding. I just hope there's no injuries, such as @ TubeTop's reception ;)

MG said...

Blogdad, I dig your style.

Congrats y'all.