Sunday, November 22, 2009

Noddin' my head like yeah (or no?)

Back in September, I took my friend from work out to celebrate her birthday. While we were out, I pointed out to her THE. HOTTEST. GUY. I. HAVE. EVER. SEEN. IN. REAL. LIFE.

(For realz, peeps. Salt and pepper hair. Beaming blue eyes. Dimples. Hot bod. And a smile that would make even a dentist melt.)

As the nite went on, I could not stop talking about this guy. But he was soooo cute, even I -- who can carry on a 20-minute conversation with a cocktail napkin -- was too timid to strike up a convo.

Later in the nite, I came back from the bathroom to find my friend chatting with HGE (Hottest Guy Ever). As I approached, she turned to me, introduced us and mouthed to me, "You're welcome." (Even though I initially was pissed because I thought she was trying to steal him for herself.)

We hung out for the rest of the nite. As it turned out, his job is very closely tied to what my friend and I do, so we exchanged business cards. (My signature move.)

(Sidenote: on the way home, my friend and I had a 20-minute conversation about whether he was gay. Super good looking. Charming. Funny. And he danced. And was good at it.)

HGE and I emailed occasionally after that (mostly work-related). But in one of my emails, I mentioned that I was going later that nite to the place where we met.

I had forgotten about that email until I got a text later that nite from an unknown number that simply said, "How's South Side?"

At first I thought it might have been one of my psycho text stalkers from the past. But it turned out to be HGE.

I may or may not have peed a little with excitement.

So HGE and I made the move from emailing to texting. He said he was out with clients, but would rather be at South Side. Interesting. Though until he put his money where his heart-shaped mouth was, I wasn't buying it.

We hadn't emailed or texted in quite some time after that. Fast forward to this past weekend, when HGE texted to tell me that he had just landed in Chicago and that I should come meet him.

Wickywhaaat?!?! Seriously. What is up with this guy?

(Other than being incredibly gorgeous. And funny. And possibly gay.)

We exchanged a series of texts (most of which were much flirtier than any others).

And then the text that ended all texting happened.

I said something about being embarrassed that I was dancing to Miley Cyrus. To which he responded, "I like her too."

Aaaaaaand... that is when all questioning was confirmed. When HGE went from being Hottest Guy Ever to Hottest Gay Ever in my little black(berry) book.

Or do you think he's just a perverted older man? Please, please tell me he's just a pervert. Because then I at least still have a chance.


Mel said...

I don't know anything about "the gays" being all into Miley Cyrus, but then again, I'm only half... and I don't listen to popular music.

So, I guess I'm saying there's still a chance.

But.. Miley Cyrus, really? Eck. I wouldn't even want to give in to the perverted part of this potential because quite frankly, she's not a tad bit impressive or cute, which means he likes her strictly because she is underage. Again, ew.

Allison M. said...

You know, my friends also like that damn Miley song.

It's so damn catchy.

Suzanne said...

I am going to have to go with noddin' my head like yeah on this one. So sad.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

ok 1. why haven't you told me about HGE

2. i've heard more male VERY straight men say like this song than i care to admit, so you may be in the clear still...

the dumbest smart girl you know said...

Pahahahah! He's GOT to be gay. And God love him, because I had the WORST day ever, and hearing "Party in the USA" on the radio made everything better, just for a minute :)

Respectfully Yours said...

? - Quite a mystery. However, if you never have another date again you can't deny or confirm.

I would be more concerned that the relationship hasn't moved forward yet so you can find out for sure.

Anonymous said...

So why jump to conclusions? Isn't it possible that he just has strange taste in music? My friend (St) Theresa might have the answer. Why would he ask you to go to CHicago if he were gay? Aren't there any gay guys there? Does he need to bring a straight, beautiful, talented woman there? Give the guy a frickin' chance. Don't read so much into it.


Anonymous said...

Is this guy DOF? HAHAHAHA!! I know..he's not - you saw him up close!

I have to be honest - I question myself when that song comes on and I realize I'm singing along..... Maybe he didn't realize what he was admitting to! :)

Unknown said...

I am straight. I love Party in the USA. And I am beautiful. (Alexa, back me up here)

heisschic said...


either he's gay or wasnt yet comfortable mocking you. it's hard to tell over text- but im hoping and praying that the "yea i like her too" was just another way of trying to end that conversation and have you start a new topic.

btw- cannot stand that song. it was ok for the first week or two- but overplayed happened months ago. erg.

blogsissy2 said...

A) i love blogdad's comment -- esp about his friend (St) Theresa
B) i can't believe i'm admitting this, but i agree with blogdad. let's be honest, you know some of the music my hubs likes and it's along the same lines as Miley -- and last time I checked, he's not gay. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Blogdad & blogsissy2. You can't count him as another hot gay man just cause he likes that song. Umm...I've caught my hubby singing and dancing to that song while we're driving in the car. let's face it, it's catchy!


d said...

SO@24 and I love that song. And he is very straight. Just saying.

Also, I dated a guy last year that thought she was hot, so that's why he liked her.

And my ex, Trainwreck, was obsessed with Kylie Minogue.

So you just never know. :) I wouldn't write him off just yet.

Chuck said...

Im gonna agree with most of the people here and say don't jump to conclusions. I'm in no way a Miley fan, but it's hard NOT to listen when that song comes on the radio. That, and I just love the Miley/Biggie mashup that's on YouTube.

Maxie said...

I think you guys need to hang out again to figure it out. DO IT.

Tina♥ said...

First of all....i am dying right now. This is my first visit to your blog and i must say i am INSANELY facinated by not only this story but your blog in general. Loves it!

Jaded pessimestic view-"all signs point to gay, gay, and gayer!" (Hence no offical ever try to get in your pants texts/emails/or actual meetings)

Optimistic SATC:Charlotte York veiw-"he was prolly just agreeing with you....and is still obviously perfect! Keep the faith alive.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

OK, so he accepted my FB friend request... let the Creepbook sleuthing begin! :)