Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Google giggle

I always think it's funny when bloggers post the Google search terms that refer people to their blogs. So I thought you would all appreciate this little gem I just discovered:

I slept with jocks and married a nice guy

Ummm... yeah. I mean, I am obviously no expert in either of those areas. Now I could understand if any of the following searches directed people here:

  • unhealthy obsessions with Matt Lauer

  • my friends think my boyfriend might be gay

  • dating stories that would make for good Lifetime movies

  • if one more g.d. person asks me why I'm still single I'm going to rip their eyelashes out

  • are my cats ruining my love life

  • I want to read the most hilarious blog ever created
Okay, maybe not that last one. But you catch my drift...


Katy said...

I've always enjoyed seeing how people find me. I've had a lot of "panty" and "Barbie is a slut" searches that I have no idea how they found me that way. Either way it is entertaining.

Jane Doe said...

Having posted those phrases to your blog today, I Googled each one of them.

"I slept with jocks...": #1 hit
"unhealthy obsessions...": #1 hit
"": Not even in the first 5 pages
"...Lifetime movies": #2 hit
" their eyelashes out" :#1 hit
" life": page 2, #3
"...most hilarious...": #9

Not too bad.

Allison M. said...

think i'll have to check mine now...

MG said...

I dig that in deciding to keep mum on Mr X you're finding other content to focus on. Good stuff. Keep it up.

*and why/who in pop culture did X become the mystyerious or cool letter? anyone know the irigin there?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Katy -- OMG, who even Googles "Barbie is a slut"?!?!? Ha ha ha.

Jane Doe -- ummm... awesome? :)

Allison -- let us know what you find!

MG -- check this out:

MG said...

haha wow. yeah that's a lot of Mr. X. Wait, are you post-humously cruishing on Malcolm X? Didn't he hate white people for a while...

But X in general did you notice how in American History X (which there you go, it's in the title) when Avery brooks said the course name he did that slight pause between History and X and then said "X" all dramatically?

then they dropped the e off "extreme" so now you have "Xtreme" yogurt, deoderant, soft drinks, etc.

you got X marking the spot all the time, triple XXX videos (x as in explicit- why not EEE videos)

is it because it's symmetrical or fun to say?

Anonymous said...

Dude. MG. What the hell are you going on about?! Seriously! You can count me among your critics on this blog, but I at least get that you think you're being witty and helpful and presenting the male perspective (even though, more often that not, I think you're full of it and pretentious and overall a jackass). I get that.

I do not get what you're going on and on about the letter "X" for. Shut up! No one cares!

MG said...

buahahahah. Anon, you're getting so bent out of shape over it to insult me and tell me to shut up is probably part of the reason I'm going on about it. (because you're getting all annoyed over a single comment is hilarious).

Also, every guy is pretentious and full of it in private/around "the guys"/in his head- they just don't show it publicly because it doesn't get them anywhere. What do you think they talk like/act like on those golf outtings/guys night out?

The problem isn't just what I say-which, yes, is not usually pleasant, it's that YOU haven't accepted the way things are.