Thursday, September 17, 2009

This makes perfect sense(s)

I was driving home from work the other nite and the song Pony by Ginuwine came on. Stop laughing. What's funny is not that I was listening to a station that would actually play that song. (OK, it's sorta funny.)

What's really funny is that the song actually reminds me of and ex-BF: The Mush Mouth. (It was the first song we ever danced to once we decided we liked each other. Stop judging. We were at a college bar and we were both drunk.)

So then I started thinking about this little gem: Pretty much every one of my five senses reminds me of an ex- in some way or another. Behold:

  • Hearing -- see above (and, seriously, stop effing laughing that that song reminds me of a romantic liaison)

  • Smell -- every time I smell Emporio Armani cologne, I think of The Murse. He wore it for years and, in fact, his mom even bought us the his/hers version one year for Christmas. It's really sort of a bummer, since I actually really like how this stuff smells. But the memory of him that comes along with it just makes it a real stinker in my book.

  • Taste -- I can't eat dumplings without thinking of The Murse either. Actually, without thinking of his mom. Because it was the meal she made for us every year (for six years, remember!) on New Year's Day. She friggin' loved that meal (as did I, after I tried it the first year). Lucky for me, pork and dumplings is not really a regular feature in the AAB diet. However, even seeing them on a menu somewhere reminds me of her (and, then, him).

  • Sight -- whenever I see a picture of either Leonardo DiCaprio or Eric Dane, I think of The Divorcee. He was like a real-life version of the two of them if... you know... two men could mate and create an offspring. I can't help but think of him every time I see one of those two in the gossip rags or on E! with my (possibly gay and definitely pretend) BF, Ryan Seacrest.

  • Touch -- I can't really think of anything good for this one. (At least, nothing that blogdad could read.)

(Jaaaaaaaaay Kaaaaaaaaay, blogdad. I've never touched a boy in my life. Pinky swear.)

So what about you? Which of your senses triggers thoughts of an ex-?

P.S. Happy birthday, sissy! Hope you have a great day!


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

whenever i hear dirty diana i will always forever and ever think of this one guy.

even though he was neither dirty nor named diana.

god though, i'm just like you. this list could go on and on and on for me.

Marilyn said...

Red wine always reminds me of one particular ex. He was quite the wine snob (as in I NEVER got to pick what wine we cooked with or drank). Due to the fact that it's a memory tinged with bitterness and because I just found out that I'm his "one that got away", I get quite a bit of pleasure out of picking out any bottle of wine I want from the store these days :)

MG said...

I'll keep the rest private (and also because the other examples are less fun)

Aslmost everytime I see a petite girl with long jet black hair, between 5'1"- 5'4" walking (generally from behind or side-view), I think of Carmen the half-Algerian, half-french girl from Rouen that I had a brief summer romance with, that ended the day we both left Spain when I studied abroad at 21 years of age.

I thought I saw her like a year later in Columbus and it made my blood boil like I'd seen a ghost.

I'm half-convinced that the basis of my physical attraction to someone is how much they remind me of her.

I looked her up on Facebook about a year ago after a "sighting" and realizing everyone's findable these days but concluded it's best to let well-enough alone, enjoy the half-melancholic memories, and carry on. Didn't friend request and vowed never to look her up again. The internet will not play a role in us ever seeing each other again, if we ever do.

MG said...

add sound to that, specifically this song:

Anonymous said...

I would answer your question, but "Pony" is now stuck in my head.

This... displeases me.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Alexa -- you're just like me? Man, we're both screwed.

Marilyn -- OMG, I would totes buy one of those boxes of wine just out of spite. :)

MG -- I'm sure the girl you're talking about was very cute, but the way you've described her sorta makes her sound like the scary little girl in the movie The Ring. HA!

Peter -- sorry! (And, BTW, did you watch that video? There are some sly dance moves in that thing.)

MG said...

HAHA. no, I didn't explain that well. I mean a "ghost" as in when your brain has said you're over someone and has been saying that for a while and then you see said person and the immediate heart pounding and sweat and nervousness lets you know concretely that no, in fact, you are not.

I think ghost may just be the nomenclature of some friends and myself. Specifically used in those situations of having love affairsd with people you may never see again/you sometimes wonder if they actually exist.

She was...beautiful (melts, sighs, updates facebook status)