Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pen pals are FUN! (Or are they?)

After spending much of this weekend with my sissy, she has convinced me of something: I think I may have a pen pal.

And his name is Mr. X. (Except our form of written communication is email, text or tweets. But same diff, right?)

Here's the thing, though. You know when you're typically supposed to have pen pals? In, like, 5th grade.

Newsflash: I'm not 11 years old anymore. In fact, I'm three times that age.

So why do I still feel like I want to have one of my friends pass a note to Mr. X that says, "Do you like Always a Bridesmaid? Check yes or no."

Maybe I should just go play M*A*S*H* and figure it out for myself.

You know. After I crimp my hair, lace up my Tretorns and watch an episode of Growing Pains.

Good to see I haven't learned anything more about boys than I knew back 20+ years ago.


Late Bride said...

Okay, I'll show my age on this one. Pen pals are awesome. I mean, what beats going to the mailbox to find a personal letter addressed to you by someone in their actual handwriting, and you recognize it, and your heart actually skips a beat before you rip it open? And, it is usually buried in a pile of bills. It's the best.

As for the wanting to slip him a note. I totally get that. You know, we actually never leave high school. That's the big secret in life.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Okay....still loving it all! But i need some cleveland reminder help. WE are coming into town for the browns vs cinn game & i totally no nothing about hotels downtown that are reasonable & not nasty. :) lol Can you give me some suggestions. (we are trying to not stay with my college room mate & i'm complete lost.... we want to be close to some place we can go out & the stadium.....what do you suggest? if you can email at

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Late Bride -- I'm not saying pen pals aren't fun. I'm just not used to being romantically interested in one. ;)

Lilly -- Sure, no prob. Shoot me an email at and I can give you some ideas.

MG said...

hmmm...I'd make sure he isn't just keeping the axe sharp...your choices are to mention wanting to see him (if you're at the point of being annoyed it's just talk), which puts him in control and you may not want that or to just abandon ship.

Either way, my perspective as a guy is that you're wasting your time on him, unless he's maleable.

Chuck said...

Can I make a radical suggestion? If you like the dude, or at least think you like the dude, take the initiative to see him! Find some reason to be whereever he is, or try and coax him up here for a day or something. Just sitting back and wondering what he thinks wont help put your mind at ease.

Anonymous said...

You know, dating would be SO much easier if we could use those check boxes.

Or hypnosis.

Anonymous said...

Blogdad agrees with Chuck. Just do it! Call him and ask him out, or over, or over and out...whatever!! Tims is awasting. You should takes some lessons from Blogmom and find out how she "encouraged" me to make a commitment. The only commitment you have to do at this point is to commit to an evening. For someone who is as bright and successful as you are.....,


Pittsy said...

I laughed out loud at this line: You know. After I crimp my hair, lace up my Tretorns and watch an episode of Growing Pains.

And I agree with Chuck.

Chuck said...

the fact that blogdad agrees with me kinda made my day...and probably also means I'm right ;-)

Ann said...

ummm, Tretorns are awesome. Just sayin'. I may or may not have bought a pair this summer.

Children of the 90s said...

I totally used to have a pen pal. It was so exciting to get mail, I remember. Those check box notes used to make everything incredibly simple and straightforward, too. Rejection is a lot easier to take in looseleaf form.

Allison M. said...

whatever you do, no sexting. it will come back to bite you in the ass