Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To "plus one" or not to "plus one"...

... that is the question.

Particularly when the wedding in question includes the following people on the guest list:
  • Blogmom
  • Blogdad
  • Sissy 1 (plus her hubs)
  • Sissy 2 (plus her hubs)
  • Friends from college (bride's side)
  • Friends from after college (groom's side)
  • A lot of liquor
To me, that just sounds like a recipe for disaster, particularly if I have any thoughts of not scaring a boy (other than Brissy) away.

Yeah, I think being exposed to hours of my family could be enough to drive just about any new suitor away. Yes offense. (Sidenote: my sissies and I always say "yes offense"... because isn't that really what you really mean when you say "no offense" anyhow?!?)

So, I RSVP'd for one. Just Ms. Always a Bridesmaid for this wedding, please.

Looks like my "plus one" for this wedding will simply be my old friend Tanqueray...


Lincoln said...

Methinks that hiding your family (and alcohol) is a bad idea.

Make the offer, if he has any sense he'd decline* unless you're really that serious and that way one doesn't worry about the skelatons in the closet.

Your family is (presumbably) non-negotiable; if he did go one of three things could happen (a) Absolutely nothing notable; (b) Some fantastic, viral-video quality incident happens and you laugh it off; or (c) some fantastic, viral-video quality incident happens and you figure out that the fling, while enjoyable isn't going to work out (this may be before or after he or a family member is taken by the [police|paramedics|coroner])
Hell, I have step-siblings who scare the crap out of me (if you haven't figured it out, I'm socially awkward and reserved... they, well, are anything but) but anyone I'm seriously interested in would have to pass both ways: My step-sibs would have to thumbs up her, and she would at least have to be OK with the siblings.

The minus one has the potential to be interperted as either "the carefully built facade of lies will come crumbling down if you meet my family" or "I know my family will hate you"

That said, like I noted earlier, unless you really are serious the guy should decline, IMO: I would feel horrendously out of place at a wedding where I knew excatly one person. (But hey, I feel out of place at weedings where I know/am related to half the party)

But that's a horrifically long post of advice from a guy who has absolutly no qualifications to give it.

rachaelgking said...

At least it's CLASSY gin. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I'm biased since I haven't brought a date to a wedding in almost two years, but it's sort of nice not to feel like you're babysitting a date, especially when he won't really know anyone else.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

No worries! This is when you drag a gf along as your date. At least you can't make to big of an ass outta yourself with a gf there to keep you in line! :o)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Lincoln -- both family and alcohol have been introduced by now. But I'm still not ready for a several-hours-long outing that involves both. In due time, in due time...

LiLu -- obvs. Tanqueray all the way, chica.

Freckle -- Agree re: your babysitting comment. Totes!

Lilly -- I'll have blogmom and blogdad for that... ;)

MG said...

or the other hand you invite and you find out if he can hang...til death do you part's a long time so might as well find that out sooner than later.

MG said...

on the other hand, you invite him to see if he can hang. Til death do you part's a long time so you might as well start testing sooner than later