Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding woops

I've got another wedding to go to this weekend. And as I was perusing my closet for what to wear (sidenote: I eventually ended up buying a new dress, natch), I came across an off-white number that I wore years and YEARS ago to a wedding for one of The Murse's friends.

This was clearly before I knew you weren't supposed to wear white or off-white to a wedding.

(However, if that dress still fit me, I might consider wearing it just because it was about 17 sizes smaller than I am now.)

Anyhow, as I was thinking about how horrific it was that I wore that dress, I started thinking about the other faux pas I've probably committed at weddings over the years. I can remember:
  • Surfing on my date's back at my cousin's wedding when the song Wipeout! came on
  • Dirty dancing with the photographer and the bus boys at a wedding for one of The Murse's friends
  • At that same wedding, calling a group of girls (who I didn't know) "bitches." I believe my exact phrase was, "Good nite, bitches" as the elevator doors were closing. (Sidenote: With my group of girlfriends, "bitch" is a term of endearment. But among a group of girls you don't know... yeah... not so much.)
  • Doing shots with the younger cousin of the groom at my friend's wedding last summer
  • Drinking an entire bottle of wine by myself as my date (in the wedding party) sat at the head table during dinner
Aaaaaaand... I'm sure there are others. Those are just the ones I can remember, thanks in large part to my trusty wedding companion, Gin & Tonic.

What's the biggest woopsie you've done at a wedding?


~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Not AT a wedding...although i know those have happened.

The night before my wedding got super drunk & was throwing up the whole morning & up to my wedding last year. It went a little something like this...."hold on hair stylest who doesn't really understand english..i have to puck..." OR "hold on bridesmaids.... unzip my wedding dress fast cause i have to puke AGAIN." But the fun part was being able to blame it ALL on nerves! ;)

CLEgal said...

Doing Jell-O shots with the mother of the bride, then hooking up with the best man (I was a bridesmaid), thereby ousting the rest of the groomsmen from their suite. Had the first "whoops" not happened, the second probably wouldn't have either.

Anonymous said...

had to much to drink, freaked out and checked the boyfriend's cell phone, which was in my purse for texts/calls from other ladies and then got bitchy and called him out on some things that were apparently nothings. woops!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, not sure what my biggest woopsie is AT a wedding, but before I became familiar with wedding etiquette, I added my own "plus one" to a reply card. I didn't know!! He wasn't even a boyfriend, just a friend I no longer talk to, so it wasn't worth the poor etiquette.

Respectfully Yours said...

ok, I am outing my EX on this one. They played some strip music for the garter toss at a friends wedding. Suddenly my EX started to strip down and actually pulled his underwear down and mooned the mother of the bride.

Yeh, he is now my EX.

MG said...

I was at a wedding in Azerbaijan and I *woops* tried to grab a girl's hand to dance with her partly because i was drunk and partly because 25 years of being around young women indicated her non-verbals were saying she was ok with that...except in Azerbaijan the men dance together like you see in Borat and the women dance together and no one's allowed to touch ever.

Another reason why Peace Corps in Azerbaijan was stupid.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Lilly -- OMG! And I love that you blamed it on nerves!

Girl, Esq. -- ha ha! My friend hooked up with the best man at her brother's wedding too.

Anon -- how many messages did he have from other girls? I probs would have freaked out a bit too!

Freckle -- ha ha! Did they say anything to you, or did you find out after the fact that you made a whoops?

Respectfully -- Ohhhh emmmm geeee. Does he now work for Thunder from Down Under? ha ha!

MG -- loved the Borat reference.

Chill said...

How about making out with one of your besties brother at her wedding? That should rank up on the list.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

sleeping with the groom?




Sissy2 said...

why have i never heard about *half* these things? you better represent this weekend, otherwise you get no ride home. :)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Chill -- OMG! How could I forget?!? In fairness, it did not happen AT the wedding.

Alexa -- ummm... I *hope* you're kidding. ;)

Sissy -- I'll fill you in this weekend. You were too young and impressionable when some of those happened. ha ha!

Allison M. said...

i don't think there's anything wrong with surfing on your date's back. I personally love dancing, banging on the tambourine or pulling the mic to sing any terrible rendition of a song.

Brittany Sommer said...

Hmmmmm... My biggest whoopsie? Well, I definately got wasted and looked like a total loser dancing with a girl friend of mine, slow dances and all. Sighhhhhh. By the way, I have something on my blog for you! Go look!

Anonymous said...

Um...what about floating Jorge in the fountain at my wedding?! Your list is growing longer! Of course, I loved every minute of it!