Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whatever you do...

... don't tell blogmom and blogdad about this.

I don't need them getting any ideas.


Katy said...

I would have DIED if that was my mom.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Hee, hee, hee....i saw that!! Oh what makes you think they haven't already saw it & started there own journey??!?!? ;O)

MG said...

i watched the frst segment and the one with the "results" where girls showed interest and the one trying to be a writer was cute enough to warrant it a worthy experiment, pragmatically speaking.

I think there's somewthing about gender roles where it has to be a guys mom "annoyingly" pimping him and a woman's dad vetting out the losers but seeing who would be good for her of the younger guys at his company, etc. would make sense. The dad doesnt look for the dfaughter, he just has pictures on his desk or whatever and lets the bold approach him about her and make nice comments to see if he can win his favour and get an intro.

I cant imagine somoene telling my dad they think i'm cute or my dad ever talking to a younger woman i dont know about me (he's reserved unless you know him plus it'd be weird, no ) and conversely men are pretty much prepared to have to talk to a girl's dad "man to man" at some point, but i cant imagine talking to a gf's mom all "uh, i like your daughter" quite the same way. Tho, im way behind the times.

Anonymous said...


Blogmom and I just returned and we are IN. I will hjave my peeps contact Meridith on Monday AM to set this up. I wonder in Blogmom will want a new outfit?

Love ya,