Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happily ever after?

Anyone who's been hanging out here at 27 Dresses long enough knows that I pretty much only write about the CLE singles/dating scene here (and not the 95% of things that make up the rest of my life).

But I've gotta admit... all this talk about "Is he going?" or "Is he staying?" has me thinking a lot about (gasp!) Cleveland sports.

(I know, I know. Pick your jaws up off the floor.)

And then it hit me: this whole sitch we're in with LeBron actually is a lot like the dating scene.

I mean, let's face it. LeBron is acting like the guy who you really, really like... but who won't commit to just you.

But you like him so much that you keep hanging on with the hope that he'll eventually come to his senses, tell all the other ladies to pound salt... and the two of you will live happily ever after.

Is that idea just a fairy tale? Or will LeBron be our city's Prince Charming?

What do you think, Cleveland? Is LeBron going to be a knight in shining armor during his press conference tomorrow nite? Or is he just going to end up as a crossed-off name in our little black book?

(Joining a long list of other yahoos I've met in Cleveland.)


Anonymous said...

I love LeBron so much I named my car after him... in your comparison to the dating scene, that's like having his son, right? :)

I think he'll stay. I hope he'll stay. We'll know in 23 hours!!!

Allison M. said...

jesus, at least it's all almost over

Anonymous said...

@frecklesonthenose: HA! Double HA! Happy belated Mothers Day :P

MG said...

I cant take any time away from thinking about myself, how great I am, and how more important everything I'm doing is compared to the Cavs to think about Lebron.