Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lookin' for some fresh blood

So, I'm assuming you've probably noticed.

I haven't posted a lot lately.

And, when I have, it's often been cop-out posts (like the last two video links... though you have to admit that Brownie Husband skit WAS hilarious).

I'm just crazy busy with my job, working on Boards, contributing to nonprofit organizations, spoiling my little nugget niece and nephew and attempting (horribly, I might add) to keep up with friends and family.

(See? I actually do have a life outside of my attempts at dating. I just choose not to write about it here.)

The end of the craziness is in sight (I think!), but it's still several weeks out. That's where you come in.

I'm in desperate need of some guest posts to keep readers entertained while I attend to things that are -- dare I say? -- more important than writing here.

Who's game?!? Wanna be a guest blogger? Post a comment or email me at cleve27dresses(at)yahoo(dot)com.


Anonymous said...

I think that your regulars should nominate guest bloggers. I would like to know what MG might blog about. I am also sure that Cleveland's a Plum could bare fruit! You might even be able to coerce Blogmom to give Motherly advice around Mother's Day (similar to Mrs Tewey).


MG said...

@ Blogdad-

I was thinking of throwing myself in the ring and volunteering/asking to do so, but the thing is that contrary to appearance I dont have anything to say just carte blanche, it's all reaction to something written like a story. If given a topic or something maybe I could. Plus I'd also prefer someone else think I should than put myself in the position...seems self-promoting, ya know?