Monday, April 26, 2010

I feel the need... the need for speed (dating!)

This guest post about speed dating comes to us courtesy of Nidhilicious. Enjoy!


Speed dating?! In my life? It's more common than you might think.

It's not often that you get to hear about my love life (and it's not like this time it's really any different)

Background, or "Why I went Speed Dating"
a. My mom's been bugging me to get married ever since she got back from schmoozing with my relatives and I figure I should probably find a man (gag)
b. It's for a good cause (my coworker and her MBA entrepenuerial team put on this event. It's not donation-y but I guess it helps someone get an MBA?)
c. I'm allergic to slow dating (JK, only kind of)

My friend (and speed dating coercer) and I walked into the venue (Chinato on E. 4th, GORGEOUS venue) and frantically looked around for the event. All we saw were happy-hourers lounging at the bar until we heard the maitre'd giggle to some patrons that the lounge was closed due to a speed dating event.

We crept downstairs to the dimly lit lounge area, where the couches (for the girls) were lined up against the wall with 14 1' diameter tables and chairs (for the boys) facing them. I went into this thinking that every man there would be approximately 10 years older than me, and I was approximately right. I think most of the men were 7-9 years older than me (I'm 23). What a strange event. It was full of 3 minute dates with 30 seconds to circle "yes" or "no" about your date.

Highlights, or "Why I put you as a NO"
-The guy who straight up started talking about money, and how the type of lawyering that he would be doing (representing the Bernie Madoffs of the world) would be very lucrative.
-The 33 year old stoic man who went to my alma mater for law school...5 years ago. I graduated in 2008. WOW I felt young (but I'm ok with that)
-Finding out that there were some 45 year old off-the-street cougs who came in to mack on the young blood
-The "film" guy who continued talking to his previous date for almost a full minute before he sat down before me. Speed dating?
-Anomaly: Asking "If you had a blog, what would you write about?" and hearing "Food!" I love food and blog mostly about food (and/or arts and crafts). I got too excited I think. Oh well.

Speed dating is weird. The main questions that are asked are "Where do you work?" or "How did you find out about this event?" These questions are irrelevant to finding out whether or not you like someone. I'm not the kind of girl where first impressions count for too much, so I'd say speed dating isn't really for me. I'm not adverse to slow dating anymore, though...


CLEgal said...

Oh my goodness, I went to 2 of these speed dating events (I also have a friend in the class group putting them on). Small world! It's funny because, at 28, I felt old. Maybe it depends on what night you went...

But it definitely is an interesting experience. I've met up with some of my "matches" and I find myself asking a lot of the same questions or searching my memory for why I circled yes.

On the plus side, I definitely met some people I never would have met otherwise!

MG said...

I have an awful speed dating it's april 2007, I'm in Atlanta and my friend Shellie owns her own lil pr/marketing/media llc and part of her enterprise is a "Hurry Date" franchise. Shellie and i are in the same improv comedy troupe and she asks me and another guy if we can be check-ins/seat-warmers for her next event; $40 cash, some free appetizers and a beer or two...and before anyone judges that i was gonna try to slither my way in without manning up and saying i was participating, it was a jewish speed-dating so i wore my crucifix and repeated i was warming seats n just helping my friend

So keep in mind the female to male ratio in ATL at that time's like 4:1 and with a subsantial gay male population it's maybe like 4.5 to 1...pretty girls in Cleveland can pretty much boss whatever situation they want but down there it counted for less.

I've heard the word "menver" on here before and complaints of guys in Cle, let me tell you- you may or may not have it made here, but you sure as hell shouldn't move to ATL if you're looking to settle down.

Anyway, long story short the majority of people who attended were like 40-something and there were like 2x the # of women as men and the prettiest girl there was like 30 and ready to settle down had just moved there from NYC like a year before and left crying at how slim the pickins were among the men there.

i felt bad. La Chiam