Friday, April 23, 2010

Cleveland's Hottest Bachelors

Hi, guys! Taking a temporary hiatus from my hiatus (ha!) to post about this Inside Edition piece on Cleveland's Hottest Bachelors.

A few questions:

a. Why is Inside Edition even doing a piece on Cleveland's Hottest Bachelors?

b. And if you're gonna do hot bachelors, why no hottest bachelorettes, Inside Edition? Hmmphh. (Unless we'd ALSO have to pose shirtless, in which case... count me out.)

c. Which of these guys strikes your fancy, ladies? Take a guess who mine is! ;)

Happy Friday everyone! More guest posts to come next week.


~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Mr. Nathan Salter in the front row right hand corner had me at "hello". lol That was until he opened him mouth to smile & i noticed the gap. lol But seriously keep that mouth closed & yum. lol

MG said...

I'd say probably because this is one of those cases where women get this kinda attention everyday anyway (perhaps in less flattering forms, much more compared to men, and also becuase of these two quotes:

"I never met a dame yet that didn't know if she was good-looking or not without being told, and there's some of them that give themselves credit for more than they've got."- Stanley Kowalski by way of Tennessee Williams

or, if we wanna be more pc about it:

“a decided and conscious beauty looks upon every tribute paid to her beauty only as her due, but wants to shine and to be considered on the side of her understanding.” - Lord Chesterfield

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Ooooh, dreamy!!

And yes, I TOTALLy think they need a (shirted!) "Hottest Bachelorettes" edition!

Thanks for the smile! Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Um, YUM.

That is all.


Allison M. said...

holy hilarious