Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A warning to boys

Dear Gents:

If you are stalking... I mean... perusing the pictures of a single female Facebook friend who you are not reaaaaaalllly that good of friends with, and with whom you've only recently become friends with, do not -- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES -- send her a message that says this:

I knew I should have gone to the ball Saturday! How are u not married?
(Actual email I received after posting pictures from Jump Back Ball. Which was amazingly fun, BTW. At least, what I remember of it was. Damn blackout & tonics strike again.)

Anyhoo, boys... let this be a lesson... while you may *think* that is a flattering thing to say to someone (and I'm guessing this guy meant it as a compliment), it actually has the reverse effect on the recipient.

Because I don't have an answer to your question, and I wonder the same effing thing all the time, dude. Eeew.

If you're a single lady, does this question drive you crazy too? Or am I just PMSing? ;)


Lincoln said...

Ok, aside from the general creepiness of the comment, am I the only one shocked by the grammar?

I'm really not one to write on the subject but "u"? Are y and o REALLY that hard to type? If using "u", why bother with "are"-- why not just "How u not married?" (I really want to comment on capitalizing The Ball, but that's probably more of a stylebook thing than an actual rule)

In any event...lesson noted.


Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

OMG I hate that statement! I get that from clients sometimes when I talk sports and I just stare at them like, for real?? Blah!

Unknown said...

Clearly, I'm doing something wrong. My blog hasn't attracted one stalker yet!

That comment was flattering in a creepy kind of way, right?

MG said...

i wouldnt likely say something like that, especially the not married comment because that presumes interest in getting married, and many other loaded assumptions that are antiquated and i dont put much stock in getting married as an accomplishment (it's staying married for like 40 years that's tough) in this current love-as-commodity-for-sale market economy...actually, i definitely wouldnt make the married comment, but depending might say "you look great"

but i must ask:

1. whats the rule on if she friends you?

2. everyone should read this below. I dont necessarily agree, but its an interesting read:

Cindi said...

That question is totally offensive. I would really like to know what people asking that question expect as a response. I hate the alternate version (When am I going to your wedding?) even more. As this is usually asked by older people, someone told me once that I should respond, "I don't know; when am I going to your funeral?" But I think that's a wee bit too harsh.

timber said...

Yeah, I also find that question kind of annoying and insulting.

Answer: I just haven't found HIM yet!

Teri said...

I'm married now, but remember getting it when I was single and being BERY irritated. Once specific was at a friend's wedding, for which I was the maid of honor. Nice.... NOT!