Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Summer lovin'

It may seem hard to believe with snow still lingering on the streets of CLE, but wedding season is actually just around the corner!

I was reminded of this with my first official nuptial-themed invitations of the year: My youngest cousin's wedding shower and bachelorette party.

So far, I already know of at least four weddings I'll be headed to this Spring/Summer. (And that's not counting the annual, "How the hell did I get invited to this wedding" invitation.)

And although I'm not in any of those weddings, I am close enough to the brides to be invited to most of the other surrounding wedding revelry... e.g., showers and bachelorette parties.

(Dear checkbook: I'm sorry in advance.)

And so another wedding season is upon us. I have three words for you: Holy crap, already?

Wonder if I'll have a date for any of 'em?


d said...

tell me about it.

Mel said...

OMG I don't know anyone getting married this year! Wa-hoo! (or not any that I've received invites for, and in any case, my summer is BOOKED, so it's too late).

Ahem, to replace weddings/showers/etc: effin' baby birthdays. WTF? I can't win...

MG said...

So I've skipped a bunch of weddings I've been invited to (as in rsvp'd that i wasn't attending- i AM civilized) just basically saying "i'm not really into the wedding thing" and it seems to have not negatively affected me socially at women not feel they have the freedom to do the same if they want?

would skipping these type of events burn bridges?

do you guys actually want to go to these events or not or does it just depend?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

d -- srsly.

Mel -- oh, I've got the baby stuff too! Five baby showers in as many months. Oy.

iCarabout - Cleveland Entertainment Reporter said...

I wasn't invited to ANY weddings this summer! I might have one in the fall...does that mean I suck? Oh, I also go invited to a baby shower, but I declined LOL.