Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking for a Spring fling!

Spring has sprung
The grass has ris
Now I just need to find
Where Future Mr. AAB is!

Happy Spring, everyone! Historically, this is the time of year when boys seem to come out of the woodwork, no?

(Not that any of them have ever really worked out all that well. But it only takes one, right?)

Here's hoping for a Spring fling!

(And an Easter basket filled with Reese's eggs. And Pringles. And Alli.)

Do you have Spring (fling) fever too?


Suzanne said...

and some Main Street Cupcakes

Ryan said...

As soon as we have a few nice days (much like last week), I definitely get spring fling fever. I'm glad to know girls feel the same. Maybe just maybe I'll find one who has the same fever that I do!

Anonymous said...


if a woman wants casual sex, she can get it with a snap of her fingers hahashaha

Allison M. said...

And alli... that is hilarious.

iCarabout - Cleveland Entertainment Reporter said...

And every girl online talking about how she skipped a meal or workout really hard for swimsuit season...all while I'm eating a bag of Doritos. YUM!

Well...that depends... said...

Not to jump on the "Cleveland Does NOT Rock" wagon or anything, but now that you mentioned this, we are getting sucker punched again by our geographical location. I mean, most women around the country have at least two months to take advantage of Spring Fever. We have two weeks (at best) when you consider that Spring doesn't actually start here until the first week in June. Combine this with LeBron James' extended playing season and the resulting male preoccupation and it is easy to see how we are at an unfair disadvantage right from the start.