Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Facebook official

First of all, before you go getting too excited about the title of this post... no, I am not "in a relationship" on Facebook.

(In fact, I have always maintained that I will never broadcast my relationship status on Facebook. You know... unless there are pictures of me plastered all over the place in a big white wedding gown to verify that the relationship did, indeed, "take.")

But that leads me to the point of this post... I've noticed lately that a lot of peeps are jumping into being "Facebook official" mere weeks into dating someone.

Is this a new trend? I dunno. Seems like jumping the gun a little if you haven't even had a turn of the calendar yet, no? I mean, I have seen FB friends post "in a relationship" when they hit their one-week dating anniversary. Or after they rekindled with an ex- (only to be "single" again a couple of weeks later).

So what do you think? Have you noticed peeps changing or updating their relationship statuses more frequently than in the past? Or are my FB friends just more willing to broadcast their love to the world?

(Disclaimer: I've been known to be sketchy about defining relationships ever since I had my heart broken by The Divorcee, who told me he loved me after just three weeks of dating. So maybe I'm not the best person to judge...)

Let me know what you think. Just don't tell me "it's complicated." ;)


~*~Lilly~*~ said...

I think people or most definitely much faster to jump into it & update facebook status. (or back in the day..myspace.) lol

I feel like until you both sit down and have that convo & at that point it's probably better to be able to tell us what his last and middle name are rather then ...ya, i met him 5 days ago & we are in LOVEEEEEEE... (i actually want to punch these people) Rome & relationships in a day - but in my view it generally only takes 1 day to make either of them fall. lol

PS have you noticed how fast this really young generation is to declare they are in LOVE & found THE ONE??? only to then break up and declare a week later - NOW they found the one. lmao

Beautifully Invisible said...

I don't think I've necessarily noticed more of my friends broadcasting their relationship on facebook, but I did recently come to the conclusion that I am never doing it again. I updated by facebook status about 5 months into dating a guy. Things were great. I wanted to broadcast my happiness to the world. Then he broke up with me after 1 year. And that stupid facebook status drove me crazy. I hated having to broadcast my breakup to the world. Never again. (P.S. Love your blog - this is my first comment I think!)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I haven't been in a relationship for four years & suddenly found myself in one... that I am quite sure will be long-lasting, if not the longest-lasting. After a month, we made it "Facebook official" despite my usual hesitation to define anything. Sometime sit feels right - but ask me if we break up...

(That said, a chick I went to hs with made it FB official ASAP, got engaged, moved in with him, broke up, & has since spilled every. single. emotion via status update. WTF. those people are a class of their own.)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Lilly -- I loved your quote about Rome and relationships. Classic!

Beautifully Invisible -- See? That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid! PS thanks for commenting. Please do it more often! :)

Sweetheart -- that girl you're describing is exactly who I'm talking about. Almost as bad as the husband/wife combos who make totally passive aggressive posts about each other. Keep it behind closed doors, peeps! Geez!

MG said...

i'm a proof's in the pudding type. If you change your status every week, you're just telling the world you're unstable. do what yuou will with it.

But if in 2006 in a blue moon type situation you decided sooner than later to make it fbook official and now you're getting married, then shame on anyone who judged them. and IF they end up not getting married or not getting divorced

finally, i can also potentially sympathize with it in cosindering so much is happening online that changing the status may be the closest thing to a smaller gessture in person that serves to pee on the proverbial tree for others (cuz ppl can message n start convos just like one can in a bar).

"yeah girl, you better make that picture one of us together and link to me in your status so every other motherfucker in town knows you're mine and they best step the fuck back."

girl to guy version:

"You better make your default pic one of us kissing so that bitch Ashley who lives downstairs gets the point and stops showing up to 'after-party'" every saturday when we're trying to go to bed."

Amy Lizzy said...

Of all places to make relationship announcements people shouldn't do it online to their 678 "friends" they haven't talked to in 5 years. Great post!