Friday, May 21, 2010

The graduate... jerk!

Let's start the weekend off a little early with a guest post from Fastgrl. If you've ever rekindled with someone you went to school with only to find out he should have been voted "Most Undateable," this post is for you!


Remember that movie School For Scoundrels with Billybob Thorton from a couple years ago (if not I recommend watching)? Well after a recent dating experience I think that maybe there really is such a school. A school where men can go to learn to be a first rate jerk.

I had reconnected with a guy that I went to grad school with some years back via good old Facebook. Back when we were in school he was married and I was engaged to be married so the opportunity to be more than friends was not there. We connected as friends on Facebook and decided to grab a harmless coffee together. It really was harmless although he had recently split with his wife and I was on the brink of an overdue breakup myself. After our coffee I received a very sweet text – basically telling me how wonderful I am. Okay I think you can see where this is headed.

So, we had lunch a week later maybe. We laughed and had a good time and I divulged that I was thinking I was going to end my roller-coaster of a relationship. After lunch I got a surprising phone call. It was the graduate telling me he had to let me know that he was mesmerized by me and that he knew it was not fair of him to put that on me considering present circumstances. Blah, blah, blah. I asked him for a couple of weeks to wrap up my loose ends.

Our texts and calls became frequent and within a week of my moving out of my exes we were out to dinner at a very nice place drinking a topshelf bottle of wine. Yep, he laid it on pretty good. The night ended with my giving him a peck on the corner of his lips. More dinners and coffees followed and all seemed to be going well until the dude just disappeared one day and I mean disappeared. No calls, ignored texts. This was a mystery to me since days before this same fellow had expressed to me how amazing I was, how much he cared for me, etc.

After about a week of being ignored I decided to just let this dead dog lie. I moved on and started dating some other people – and in fact found one I rather like. Three weeks later on a weeknight evening I received a few texts from the graduate. He said he knew I probably hated him and he didn’t blame me but he wanted to let me know that I was amazing and he was sorry how he handled everything. Apparently when we had talked about kids and I said I thought I wanted to have more that freaked him out. Apparently he can’t have them. I waited a few weeks myself and texted him back that I did not hate him and that I was glad that he acted like a jerk because I met an amazing guy.

So that’s it. It’s settled and I think he did me a favor. I don’t need another jerk in my life. Oh and it makes for an interesting class reunion I suppose!

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Respectfully Yours said...

I hope things work out with the other person. That guy is a royal asshole.