Monday, October 26, 2009

Love at first click?

The votes have been tallied for YESvember, and the results are in:

  • (or some other online dating service): 35%

  • go East! (do the same stuff, but across town): 33%

  • (like eHarmony, but blogmom and blogdad do the matching); 19%

  • Jump Back Ball (where a few of my friends have met their BFs/fiancees): 11%

I'm not sure how I feel about the results. I really am veeerrrryyyy leery of online dating, given the horrific experiences most of my friends have had.

(I realize that there are a few good stories mixed in there too. But for every "good" story, I hear about 20 bad ones. You do the math.)

But, in the spirit of YESvember, I will try it out for at least a couple of weeks next month. But I swear to God, if any guy emails me who has a profile pic wearing an Affliction t-shirt (or, worse, no shirt at all) and uses some corny-ass pick-up line in his profile and/or a message to me, that's grounds to quit the service ON. THE. SPOT.

(In case you're wondering, my profile pic will neither show me in an Affliction shirt nor shirtless.)

So since I've never done this before, any suggestions for which service is best?


Piper said...

Oh lord. Umm... you may have to adjust your standards a bit since shirtless guys and corny lines abound. I either don't reply or give my standard "Thanks for the interest, but I don't think we're a good match".

Having been on both, I like Match better. Less anonymous, yes, but with EHarmony not only does no one know if you're on, you don't know who is on either, you're restricted to contacting only the people they give you. Which I found annoying.

Open mind! And enjoy :)

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i think it depends on the city - as i have friends in chicago that say match is the way to go but friends here that say match has a bad pool of guys and from what i can tell that's a fact.

remember when i tried eharmony a while back? i was really pretty impressed (even though i was matched with at least 8 people that i knew within the first week - that will happen to you too)

for me i just didn't take the time to actually meet anyone - eharmony is a LONG process before you actually get to the open communication. but i have multiple friends who have met their longtime significant others via eharmony.

did you know that i have gone to THREE internet matched weddings? it works.

good luck my friend!

heisschic said...

heh JDate. jokes jokes. i have a couple friends who have attempted to boost their love lives using jdate, and it has failed horribly.

basically, i'd recommend anything other than jdate.

however, dont forget to consider religious dating sites- if just for the stories.

sissy 2 said...

don't be so skept of online dating. at my pre cana class, there were 6 couples who met online -- out of like 30 couples there. not bad odds. :)

Maxie said...

OK Cupid. It's free. At least Lex tells me it's the best. I was on there for a while-- I don't find it too offensive.

K said...

Yes, there are some bad stories about online dating. But there are bad stories about dating not online too. Online is a great way to meet people you'd likely never meet any other way.
I vote okcupid. I met my current boyfriend on it. It has been such an AMAZING experience, it makes all the other not so great guy experiences completely disappear from my memory. COMPLETELY worth it.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I checked with some ladies at work who have used online dating and are currently in serious relationships. They all voted for EHarmony (which they all met their significants). They said Match is more for people who are looking to "date" or get laid, where EHarmony are people looking for meaningful relationships. It's worth a shot.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog (love it!) for a while, but I've never commented. I live in Nashville, and I recently signed up for eHarmony just to see what might happen. I was also very skeptical of the on-line process, and I am still not so sure about it. I perused, and I wasn't impressed with the pool of guys, so I decided to give eHarmony a try. So far, I haven't met anyone face to face b/c it is a long process, but there are definitely guys that I would be interested in outside of eHarmony. I'll be interested to read about your experience. Good luck!

blogmom said...

I vote

sissy 2 said...

MATCH.MOM -- love it!

Girl in Carolina said...

Here's my 2 cents :)

Match is a much faster process and you'll have lots of options! The only problem with match is I've found a lot of guys use match to "date around."

E-harmony is a pain at first, but the guys that go through that process I believe are really truly wanting to find someone. And you go through a lot of screening with eharm.

Either way you go, good luck and have fun with it! You just never know girl :) My best friend and her hubs met on match, and just had their first baby together. My co-worker met her fiance on match. It does work...I guess. :/

Good luck to us both! And sorry for the novel! haha

MG said...

guys "date around" from the internet/dating sites???

that sounds crazy. I dont like the idea of showing my hand like that...

I should try Match and make Alexa's point :) buahahaha

It sounds like the matriculation for eHarmony is metaphorically similar to what one would go through in dating a bunch of bad apples to end up with the right one/the period of adjustment that can occur in slowly moving into a meaningful relationship with one particular person/supposedly adjusting to married life, so in electing between sites you can consider getting bulk dates of questionable quality or starting right off with the painstaking best match possibe or do both.

why not try Facebook?


Piper said...

Oh yeah and if you decide to do Match let me know b/c I have promotional codes for 25% off sitting in my inbox...

Narm said...

His punishment was having to go bartend the Italian-American pageant? THAT is a punishment?

Respectfully Yours said...

My daughter has had terrible luck on those sites. Guys are freaks...go visit her blog to hear her latest story about some jerk from lavalife.