Monday, October 12, 2009

Wanted: Christopher Columbus (or other like-minded explorer types)

As you can imagine, I get lots of emails from you guys pointing me in the direction of interesting dating articles and/or quizzes. (Which, BTW, I love! Keep emailing me, peeps!) But, to be honest, I don't often have time to keep up with all of them.

However, I did take time to do a quiz from a woman named Dr. Helen Fisher after reading this article on YourTango. Dr. Fisher is the author of a book called, "Why Him? Why Her? Finding Real Love by Understanding Your Personality Type." And, based on the results I got, this bitch knows her shit.

Apparently, I'm an EXPLORER/builder. (Along with John F. Kennedy, Angelina Jolie and Ernest Hemingway. Oh, and Britney Spears.) Which means this:

You have a great deal of energy and vitality. You are curious, creative and resilient. You have many interests; and you find pleasure in doing and thinking about all sorts of things.

You tend to be optimistic, seeing the world as a place of adventure -- physical, intellectual or both. You seek first-hand experiences. And when you embark on a project or expedition, you like to be organized, thorough and responsible.

You enjoy the pleasures of the senses, yet you are firmly grounded in reality and live in the here and now. You can be charming and charismatic; and you sometimes like to surprise those you love with generous presents.

You also have a clear moral compass and stand up for your beliefs. And in spite of your flexibility and enjoyment of novelty, you have a genuine respect for home, family, work and community. You are conscientious, dependable, cooperative and protective.

Wow. I can definitely relate to much of that stuff. But what I really freaked out about were these "things to be aware of":

  • Don't assume someone isn't funny just because they don't display their sense of humor instantly.

  • You can be so charming that you can get into a relationship too fast. Honor your natural caution and go slowly.

  • Explorers and Builders rarely indulge in self-analysis and they can hide their emotions. Let people know how you feel.

Mother effing holy crap. Those warning signs are totes me too.

And, according to the quiz results, I'm drawn mostly to other EXPLORER/builders too. Which seems especially appropriate on Columbus Day, no? So if the above description sounds like a fab single guy you know, send him my way!

(I'll even let him call me Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria if he wants to.)


Suzanne said...

I took the quiz too...I am negotiator/builder. hmmm. Some of it was spot on...some of it not so much. kind of like a horoscope.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

so i'm a negotiator/explorer... i'm not sure i agree with what it tells me, but whatevs.

apparently i'm looking for a director/explorer...