Thursday, November 11, 2010

The best wedding I never went to

Contrary to popular blogpinion, I have NOT been to every wedding ever held in the contiguous United States.

(Just most of them.)

But there are a few that I never made my way to.

And there's one in particular I wish I could have gone to... but, alas, I wasn't born.

That's right. I'm talking about the lovely nuptials of one Mr. and Mrs. Blogdad and Blogmom. On this day 38 years ago, they got married.

Fast forward through three daughters, two sons-in-law, two grandkids (with another on the way), four cats and lots of my ex-BFs... and they're still holding hands in church and commenting on blog posts together -- nearly four decades later!

Happy anniversary, guys! Love you! (And so do my readers!)

xoxo --
Always a Bridesmaid

P.S. I think we can all agree that I was the best gift you ever gave each other, but don't tell my sissies. ;)


blogmom said...

. . . and we're still having fun!

Thanks for the good wishes. Love you.

Simply Married said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Blogmom and Blogdad! Congrats on 38 years :)

Cinderita said...

Happy Anniversary to Blogmom and Dad...and I had to tell you, I actually gasped when I found your blog. I already love it and this is the first post I just read!

Anonymous said...

As Bloggrandpa would have said "You were there. You were a twinkle in their eyes" Sure is fun to see how bright you shine.


PS We will NOT discuss our honeymoon! LOL

Always a Bridesmaid said...

blogmom -- :)

Simply Married -- she doesn't look old enough to be married 38 years, does she?

Cinderita -- welcome to the blog! Thanks for stopping by.

Blogdad -- eeeew. TMI.

Anonymous said...

WHAT THE "F"? Are you insinuating that I DO look old enough to be married 38 years?

Maybe she looks so good because she has been living the Life of Riley being married to me? No pressure, no stess.

(JK Blogmom).