Monday, August 23, 2010

A pick-up move so bold...

... even I wouldn't try it.

But my friend Magz did!

Picture it: A bunch of girls are out for a GNO. They spot a cute guy awkwardly waiting for someone (e.g., looking nervous, checking his phone, tapping his fingers on the table, etc.). About 35 minutes later, his companion arrived (a very cute -- in a "hot for teacher" kind of way -- girl), and they have a drink together.

Of course, we could not keep our eyes off of those very awkward first 20 minutes or so. It was like watching all those train wrecks at Cedar Point. (Except, this time, we were watching people who had full sets of teeth.)

Anyhow, after a while, the gent got up to go to the bathroom. My friend Magz (who was smitten since the young lad initially sat down) made a beeline for the bathrooms too. She "hung out" (read: stalked) him until he came out of the bathroom, approached him and said, "It looks like you're on a first date, and I can't tell how it's going, but if it doesn't work out, I'd love for you to call me." And, with that, she handed the boy her card and made her way to the ladies' room.

We, of course, watched this entire thing going down. Luckily, the guy's date couldn't see from where she was sitting. (Plus, she was fluffing her hair at the time anyhow.) But we could. And I swear to all things holy, the guy almost walked into the doorway as he was walking forward but looking back at Magz. And, he even skipped once during his jaunt back to his date. Sweartogod.

Fast forward about 20 minutes. I now had to go to the bathroom. (Don't get too excited -- no one tracked me down like Magz had tracked down her boy toy!) HOWEVS, as I was in the bathroom, the girl from the said date in question came in... which meant I had to hurry to get out and see what was happening out in the bar.

As I suspected, Magz was talking with the guy again when I came out.

So what did she say this time? Apparently she approached him as soon as the girl went to the bathroom, and found him looking at the business card she had given him. She asked him how things were going, and when he said "okay" (in a less than enthused way), she responded, "Well, what name should I expect when you call?"

And you know what? He told her his name just like that!

What remains to be seen is whether this character will ever actually call Magz. But I mean... is this just the most incredibly forward move you have ever heard? Picking up a guy while he is ON A DATE?

(And, just so you don't vilify Magz here... the "hot for teacher" girl was more than 30 minutes late... she was literally hanging off of her chair because she was sitting so far away from her date... we watched her open her own tab at one point... and it was, as Magz confirmed with the bachelor, only a first date.)

What do you think? Could you ever do something like that?


Lincoln said...

Ok, so what does it take to get your friends [or any other woman] to do that to me?

Seriously. If nothing else, I could use the dating practice. (But "Excuse me, we probably don't have anything in common, but you're kinda cute and I could use dating practice" seems more likely to get a drink splashed in my face than an actual date)

Sigh. I'm being bitter again, aren't I?

heidzilla said...

I can't wait to link this post in my wedding recap blog for Magz and said gent! ;) Great story!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Lincoln -- while I'd love to tell you that maybe this could happen, I've actually NEVER seen one of my friends do this before. :)

Heidzilla -- wouldn't that be somethin'?

Allison M. said...

i love your friend!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that's awesome!!!! I am so going to try this. :)

Jane Doe said...

I met my husband while I was on a first date with someone else.

R said...

Your friend is my idol! I love it!

Kristin said...

this is hilarious. i love your friend!

Mel said...

Hell to the YES! Your friend has got BALLS, and I love her for it! It makes no sense waiting around for something to happen -- MAKE IT HAPPEN YOURSELF. I want to cheers this girl, next time I see/meet her.

PomJob said...

I salute Magz. I feel like she needs one of those "Real American Hero" beer commercials or something. I don't have the guts to do something like that, and I'd be po'd if I was hot teacher, but way to go, Magz.

MG said...

I think this is great and bold...but still ehtical as it was just the opportunity to have him call her, not an indecent proposal, just empowrring HIM to choose what he'd do.

and even IF said first date girl were like his totally dedicated punctual girlfriend and he were approached by this Magz, it would still be on him to say he was in a relationship or taken or whatever and while said girl could be mad or think Magz was "triflin" or "catty" ultimately, she should just be more pleased that her man stayed true...and that wasn't even the case here.

I've been flirted with socially but not approached quite like this while with a girl and found it best to just to be nice but clearly unavailable.

Covnersely, if i'm out with a woman and another guy approaches her, i'd much prefer HER say she's not available than me have to be all territorial-like, no one should have to do that if they're dealing with someone that claims they have mutual feelings. In the one case where I felt I needed to be like that I was already breaking up with her in my head for dis-respecting me like that.

anyway, I hope this happens to you Lincoln...but then why are you out with someone you don't wanna be with?

AS said...

Switch the dynamic. What would a a girl think if a guy did this to her? What are the variables that could affect whether she calls him or not?

AS said...

Also, did he call?

Unknown said...

I'm impressed by the bold move. I wish I could pull something like that. That's the stuff fairytales are made of. Well, for me anyway ;)

Incidentally, from one single girl blogging to another, I love your blog.