Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A blogging crossroads

So I'm sure you've noticed by now... I haven't been blogging much.

I'm at a blogging crossroads, peeps. A blogsroads, if you will.

If you were here way back when I did my first-ever post (and had NO idea WHAT the hell I was doing), you may remember that I initially started this blog simply because I had grown tired of giving the same dating updates to all of my friends and family over and over and over again. Seriously... I would cut and paste the same email to different groups of friends because everyone wanted to know what was going on (or not going on, as the case may be) with my dating life.

Never in a million years did I dream other people would start reading the blog too. Other really awesome, really amazing peeps who I now lovingly call my readers. You guys! :)

So here I am. At my blogsroads.

As you know, I've stopped writing about any current love interests for fear of bad karma. Which takes me right back to where I was before I started this blog: copying and pasting the same effing love life email updates to my friends.

Because I want them to know about new potentials in my dating pool. But I don't necessarily want to jinx things by telling all of you.

So I've been thinking a lot about what to do next:

  • OPTION 1: Keep blogging as I have been... not about the particular events in MY life, but about dating/being single in general. I'd keep getting guest posts from you, writing about ridic dating shows, updating on past guys who didn't make the cut, etc. But doesn't that defeat the whole premise of this blog? It's supposed to follow MY dating adventures. (Look up there! It even says so in the masthead.)
  • OPTION 2: Stop blogging altogether. Maybe I'm over blogging. Maybe I would have FOUND things to write about for the past several weeks if my heart were really still in it. Maybe it's time to hang up the AAB moniker and get back to just being little ol' me. (Or, big ol' me... man, I need to start working out again, peeps.)
  • OPTION 3: Start a new blog. A blog not about dating or being single or getting asked, "How are you still single?" a dozen times a week. Because I still really love writing. And Lord KNOWS I've got plenty to say. But who would read a new blog? And what would it be about?
  • OPTION 4: Break if off with any current boy toys and get back to biznasss as usual (e.g., writing about my horrific real-time dating stories). ;)
So, there you have it. I haven't decided what to do. (Though I think I've ruled out Option 4.) And I promise I'm not going to make any rash decisions. But I thought you guys deserved to know why I've been MIB (missing in blogging) for the past couple of months.

I just wish the blogging gods would tell me what to do!!!


blogmom said...

Too bad there's already a "shitmydadsays" twitter account. What a fun blog that would be to write:)

Anonymous said...

Option 3 all the way!! Woot! Team 3!!!

I started reading this blog because I was in four (stressful) weddings in one year and thought reading about someone else's misadventures in bridesmaiding might be cathartic. Obviously I quickly realized you were actually writing about dating, but I found your writing so witty and engaging that I kept reading and will keep reading as long as you are blogging.


Lincoln said...

I don't think options 1, 3, and 4 are necessarially mutually exclusive. So I say 1 & 3....

rachaelgking said...

I for one enjoy living vicariously through dating stories, but I totally get not wanting to jinx it. Maybe a new blog/theme is the way to go, if it would make YOU happy, that's all that counts.

Allison M. said...

I think it's safe to say you can keep the title and adjust your posts. I initially started off writing way more about living with the boy and relationships.

Now, I write about all sorts of strange things.

hermosamusica said...

I agree with Lincoln. Why can't you just continue blogging/writing about whatever you want whenever you feel like it? Whether its boys, girls, random stuff, art, music, current events, "The Hills". Whatever. I'd probably still read it.

Suzanne said...

Go with option 3.

raymond said...

agreed. 1 and 3. and i dont think you will jinx anything if you decide to write a little more about your current dating situation ;-)

Sissville 2 said...

A) how the f does mom know about "shitmydadsays" when she's not on twitter?!
B) i vote for starting a completely new type of blog. you love writing and you're good at it; but changing your blog from writing about your love adventures to writing about dating in general is kind of... not fun. i'm sure you can come up with something creative to write about for a new blog that can go on forevs.
C) i have no C, but didn't think bulleting out my thoughts into just an A and B was enough.

MG said...

I was going to make a comment yesterday that would possibly force me to eat my words at this point, so I’m glad I got busy and didn’t!

Like anything in life, you should prolly figure out what you seek to accomplish or get out of anything that you put time and effort into…regardless of theme, will this blog be for fun, expression, or the dream of getting ad $ and getting “big” (see: Hot Chicks with DOuchebags blog becoming “Is she really going out with him?” the show on MTV, Passive-aggressive notes the blog getting a book deal, WWTDD having clothing, etc.)???

A lot of prominent bloggers are feeling the same as you per option 2…blogging is a pain in the ass and not like being a professional author. My business partner writes a technical and considered professional type blog and has for 4 years…while he does get about $2,000 in ad $ monthly from it, he’s also a slave to it (and has taken some of this ad revenue and hired a ghost-writer or two on occasion so he cant spend his time enjoying life), because you can’t take breaks like you have as a fun-blogger and meta-blogging, “so it’s been a while since I blogged…” is very passé and won’t get you anywhere.

What I will say is that you’ve gotten very few comments on the last few posts and then on this one you have 7 in less than 24 hours of posting (8 with mine) so clearly you have an audience that can be engaged but is also picky about what it pays attention to.
I’m starting to ramble so I’m just gonna say I agree with Lincoln; write about boys as they come up in life and then write about whatever suits you…if it’s good, people will respond to it.

If youd prefer spend LESS time at a computer (and part of why I comment so frequently is that 99% of my professional work is based on interfacing between 4-5 websites all day so im like stuck to a computer and want to spend the least amount of time on one when im away from work) then walk away from blogging completely.

Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

Why not transition it to a blog about your life, not just your dating life? You could write about any awesome friends you have, whose wedding you were in, who have two kids, and who have lived here for about 3 years. That would be a great blog... just sayin'.

Chuck said...

I'm with most everyone else that says go for option #3. Speaking for the guy readers, I know we like reading even if we wont admit it (we admit it to each other).

PJ said...

At a minimum you need to change your tagline to "mid-30s bachelorette". Just sayin...

Piper said...

Keep writing something! Maybe not current adventures, but boys that are over and done with? And guest bloggers of course :) I like reading about other people's disasters... ;)

Or write about whatever you damn please. As long as you still feel like writing it :)

Piper said...

Keep writing! Maybe not about current boys, but perhaps the ones that are done and gone? And guest bloggers of course, I like reading about anyone's misadventures ;)

But as long as you still feel like you have something to say about anything, keep on keeping on.

And then in 5 years publish a book :)

AmyPaints said...

I don't see that the name needs to change. You are still single (as in not married). You still have adventures. I think you made the right choice in not writing about your current dates in detail. I think in general is fine. You can mention that you went to a concert on a date. Just focus on the concert, not the date. Send those juicy details in the personal email.