Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jump Back! What a Deal!

So apparently the fine folks over at PlayhouseSquare read my little ol' blog and know that I'm planning to go to Jump Back Ball this year to have fun and *potentially* even meet the Mr. Future Always a Bridesmaid.

(Hey, stranger things have happened! I know of at least two couples who met at the event in years past -- one of which is getting married this summer!)

What does that mean for all of you? Well, if you go to this link to buy tickets before 11am on Tuesday, February 2, you'll get a special rate. (YES! Just for reading this blog!) Just enter the code DRESS and voila! Cheaper tix for my lovely readers.

($135, to be exact. Regular pricing goes up to $150 on February 1.)

Now, time for me to go shopping for a dress and shoes... or perhaps even some glass slippers... ;)

Will I see you there?


blogmom said...

Enjoy the reader discount:)

Dear Liam said...

Have lots of fun x

Poly said...

Am I too old to go? I've always thought it was for a much younger crowd. Am I crazy? Should I wear my wig? It makes me look 20 years younger I'm told.

Allison M. said...

I have a GREAT site for you to get a dress at - If I go, I will get mine from there too.